The Serving Girl

Genre: Ballet (Movie)
Created by: Joss Whedon
Role: unknown (dancer & lead actress)
Status: Delayed until further notice

Joss Whedon, during ComicCon, July 2007
Whedon then took a moment to tell the audience about a pet project he’s been working on for some time: “I’m composing the score for a short film, a ballet starring Summer Glau.” The film is called “The Serving Girl,” and Whedon is reportedly in talks with a “great choreographer.”

Summer Glau interviewed by MediaBLVD, February 5, 2008
“I have three new goals, and one of those is that I’d like to do a movie about dance, which is something that I’m working on right now. It’s something that Josh Whedon is working on. He’s had this idea for a while, and we haven’t had the opportunity where both of us were available, but it’s something that we’re working on, as much as we can.”

Joss Whedon interviewed by IESB, February 8, 2008
“There’s a few things I’m trying to do without the studios,” said Whedon, “either for the internet or shorts and there’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time which is a ballet with Summer Glau. We’ve been talking about it for years and I’ve been doing most of the talking and none of the doing. I finally finished the score and we have a choreographer working with us. We’re hoping that sometime in the late spring/early summer we will actually get to shoot it.”

Summer Glau, during WonderCon, February 24, 2008
“It was going to work out better when we were on strike. We wanted to do the ballet for years because Joss writes his own music and I do my own dancing, so i thought it was an amazing idea. But now he’s been thrown into an amazing project [the Dollhouse TV show] and i have to go back to work. But we’re hoping to do it this season. We’re nailing down concepts.”

Joss Whedon, MTV Interview, July 7, 2008
With the Buffy comic, “Dollhouse,” “Cabin in the Woods,” and “Dr. Horrible” soon hitting an Internet near you, Whedon’s already stretched thin. That means, for now, no “Serving Girl” — a short film he was planning to to with Summer Glau. “She’s even busier than I am. She’s busy terminating everybody,” Whedon said. “We’re both very dedicated to the concept, and it is the next kind of dream for something to do, but it’s like working with any other artist. If they’re good, they’re very often busy, and you gotta wait.