The Initiation of Sarah

The Initiation of Sarah
  • Movie: “The Initiation of Sarah” (2006) TV
  • Director: Stuart Gillard
  • Writers: Daniel Berendsen (teleplay), Tom Holland (story)
  • Release Date: 22 October 2006 (USA)
  • Genre: Horror / Thriller / …
  • Plot Summary: This new version of the classic MGM thriller, THE INITIATIATION OF SARAH takes a look into the mystical and deadly side of sororities at Temple Hill University. Sisters Sarah and Lindsey are thrown into sorority rush just like every incoming college freshman co-ed, but the stakes are higher for the girls when two houses – each with their own cryptic motive, begin vying for the souls of the twins – Alpha Nu Gamma, the premiere sorority on campus with only the prettiest and most popular girls, and Pi Epsilon Delta, an exclusive sorority that has been deemed the outcasts on campus. The only thing the sororities have in common: They both want the girls. Desperately.Born with mysterious powers, Sarah is more wary of the pledging process, but naïve Lindsey sees this as her opportunity to finally be part of the in crowd and easily becomes enamored of the Alpha Nu Gamma girls and their president Chorine. Chorine and fellow Alpha sister Ezme see Lindsey as the key to getting Sarah to join their sisterhood. But they must also deal with Pi Epsilon Delta advisor and the school’s resident enchantress Dr. Hunter, who has taken Sarah under her wing and become somewhat of a mentor to her. And if there’s one thing Dr. Hunter hates – it’s Alpha Nu.

    As she sees the sinister side of both houses, Sarah chooses to get out of the sorority life, but it won’t let go of her that easily.

Summer Glau as  Lindsey Goodwin