Messages from Summer

Messages from Summer

Here are some messages from Summer and/or her relatives, in chronological order:

From Summer Glau (31 July 2016)

Thank you so much Norman for collecting these treasures for me. My cheeks hurt from smiling so hard ☺️

I am truly one of the luckiest girls in the world. I’ve had such a beautiful day with my family and these messages are a treasure to read just before we go to bed..

With gratitude and hugs xoxo


From Summer Glau (22 August 2013)

Hello Friends!!

I want to send out a message to say thank you for my beautiful birthday gift! Your messages are so touching and will be cherished!! Thank you for taking the time to make me feel special as you always do. The book is so dear to me. As are all of you…

I hope everyone is having a happy, healthy year I want to let you all know that I am… It’s been a blessed year so far and I am full of gratitude. I hope you can feel my love wherever you are right now as I feel yours!!

Truly yours, s.

From Summer Glau (8 February 2013)

Dear Cristelle,

You have been on my mind so much lately! I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch… Pilot season is in full bloom and I am doing my best to get a job:) I think my ep of Hawaii 5-0 is going to air next week! It was a fast turn around! I wish I had received your email before I left Hawaii. The cast was SO kind. I would have loved to get you pics.

Thank you my friend! I hope all is well and warming up in Switzerland. Sending love xoxoxo S

From Summer Glau (20 October 2011)

Hey Friends,

I’m so sorry it has taken this long to get back with you. I’ve had an intense schedule lately:) I would have let you both know about the “Human Preservation Project” job sooner but it all happened at rapid speed!!! I was shooting it and promoting it all in the same week. Technology has changed so much. I didn’t know they could edit so fast… It was a fun job:) I’ve been wanting to do trans-media for a while and I felt like this brand was a great way to dive in.

I’m getting very busy with auditions… there is a particular project I’m testing for that I love. I will let you know if it goes my way:) Fingers Crossed!!! Other then that things are going great! Hopefully I will have an awesome project to talk about soon!!

Love to you both, S

From Summer Glau (06 August 2011)

Dear friends,

Yesterday when I was at the post office I received the most amazing surprise… Summer Glau’s World Cookbook!

I can’t think of a more thoughtful birthday gift. I will cherish this book always. Every recipe really feels like a family favorite and I deeply appreciate you sharing something so personal with me. Thank you to Cristelle and Norman for organizing and binding these treasures and thank you all for making me feel so special. I can’t wait to get in the kitchen! Hope ya’ll are having a great summer!

Sending you all my love,


From Summer Glau (15 June 2011)

So, I’m very sad to say that I won’t be coming to London. I was just offered a job I’m thinking of taking. I’m so disappointed that I’m not going to see you all. I’m going to try to find a way to visit later in the year… Hope you are having a beautiful week so far xoxo S.

From Summer Glau (11 December 2010)

Dear friends,

I had to send a message to you today because this is a special day for me. I’m feeling sentimental on the 5th anniversary of this site. I can’t thank Cristelle enough for creating this site and for the beautiful work she and Norman have done. Also, I can’t thank you enough for the love and support I feel.

Sometimes it’s hard to summon the courage to read anything regarding myself online. It almost always ends in tears. I’m an entertainer- have been all my life… I want everyone to be pleased with my contribution. Often the comments I read online can make me feel like a failure but I can trust that when I come to this site I will feel encouraged and supported. This has been an incredible year for me and I am honored to share it with those who help make it possible.

Ok, enough mush:) Ha! We have been hard at work on The Cape. I’m swelling with pride for our team and I can’t wait for January 9th so you all can see what we have been so excited about. Have a most Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! and Happy New Year!!

All my Love,


From Summer Glau (04 Novembre 2010)

Hi Cristelle!

I’m sorry I haven’t been more in touch. I’m shooting the new show. It’s crazy but I LOVE it!! I think you will enjoy it too. The cast is incredible and sets are beautiful. The studio is really pleased so far so I hope with all my heart things go well.

Looking forward to hearing from you xx, Summer

From Summer Glau (04 April 2010)

Hi Cristelle!

Happy Easter:) We are having a really beautiful day but it’s not as much fun without little kids to hide eggs for… And I miss my parents. They are in Texas:)

Thank you so much for posting the trailers. I hope you like the movies!!

Love, Summer

From Summer Glau (30 December 2009)

Happy New Year from Texas!!

Hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and Happy Holiday!
I am having a great time being home and spending time with my family. I wanted to say thank you for all the amazing support I’ve felt this year. I can always count on you to make me feel like I’m doing something right. I’m looking forward to having some of the work I did come out this year. Hopefully you will enjoy it.
I had letters from my managers office delivered to my house in LA so I will be reading those as soon as I get back!!

Well, Happy New Year… I hope everyone is doing great.
All my love, Summer

From Mari Glau (25 July 2009)

Summer is home for her birthday and she is absolutely thrilled with all of the birthday messages that have been sent in. It makes her so happy that people take time out to remember her and that you take so much time to compile and send all these best wishes to her. Take care! You are the best!!

From Summer Glau (19 May 2009)

Dear Friends,

Here is my long overdue thank you note to anyone and every person who has watched our pride and joy Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles… Now that our season is done and I somehow feel far away, I want to say that it wouldn’t have been possible without faithful viewers; and it wouldn’t have been fun to make without such sincere interest from you…

I choose to post my note on Cristelle’s website so that I could also thank her for the beautiful work she has done, on my behalf, for this site. I come here to reminisce from time to time because she has posted so many of my best memories. Thank you Cristelle…

Anyway, I just want to say that acting for anyone who enjoys it is a privilege. Thank you all for helping make that possible. I am devastated that our show will not be back (Jameron forever!!!), but I can’t say that I’m ungrateful for the opportunity to be part of something so special. I’m really proud of what our team put together and eternally thankful to all of you for embracing what we were trying to do…

I love Josh very much and thank him. He pushed to make me part of this cast and created a series that was unique and beautiful. James Middleton held us together, staying with us everyday on set and talking us through every step… John Wirth and Jill Danton are all- stars that I pray I work with again….ALL of our writers. Toni, thank you for giving me Allison from Palmdale…

I was just going through my scripts this morning… (I thought it was time). I picked up-

“Born To Run”

written by Josh Friedman

I’m going to miss that so much. I’m really sad…

You know I’m not good at posting things but this is my effort. I’m not very brilliant, witty or poetic like my mentors (you know who they are) but I love you, S

From Summer Glau (09 Mai 2009)

Dear Cristelle,

It’s Summer… I asked my mom for your email so I could write and give you a much needed thank you for the beautiful work you do on your website. It is the only website with my pictures that I really
visit:) I can’t believe how good you have been to me. There really is no way that I can thank you enough. The honest truth is that there have been times when I go on the site and look in the picture files to reminisce about old jobs or events. I would like to write a little letter to post on the site if thats ok with you… I have never done this but I feel like I want to say thank you for all the support. It may take me a while to decide exactly what I want to say, but I wanted to see what you think…

Thank you again Cristelle. With much love, S

From Mari Glau (29 April 2008)

Hey Cristelle,

You constantly amaze me! You already have pics up on your website.
A million thanks for all you do. Summer is so proud of your hard work!

I just wanted to let you know that Thomas Dekker was at there to receive “The One to Watch Award,” honoring him for his work as an exciting up and coming Hollywood talent. Summer had the privilege of presenting his award. Weren’t they so cute together?

Just wanted to let you know. I hope you have a wonderful week!



From Mari Glau (27 March 2008)

It was so good to hear from you. We had a wonderful Easter…not quite as exciting as 10 inches of snow. San Antonio shuts down if there is ever a hint of snow. The last time we had any on the ground, Summer was three years old.

Sum is very sad about not getting to attend Starfury. She never wants to upset or disappoint anyone and I know she is hopeful for the next convention that Sean hosts. It is always so much fun to come to London. I’ve gotten to go with Summer a couple of times and have met so many wonderful fans. I know that Sum is particularly disappointed about not getting to meet you in person. You have been such a treasured asset in promoting her career. She said that she would absolutely be more than happy to do a question and answer interview with you.

As far as her current project, I’m not able to say anything about it. I always ask Sum if I can tell you first when anything new comes up. I will try to get any information to you as soon as I am able.
Have a wonderful time at Starfury and know that Sum wishes she were there.

From Mari Glau (08 March 2008)

Summer has been crazy busy and it’s not letting up. She spent the better part of last week working on her fan mail, so hopefully some of those people who have been waiting patiently will receive pics, etc. soon. Sum wanted me to tell you that she would be thrilled to write something to all the fans on your website. Do you want a question and answer or just some comments from her on what’s been going on, etc? She would really like to express her gratitude to everyone for their unwavering love and support. Let me know and we can get on that as soon as possible. I hope this finds you well.

From Mari Glau (23 January 2008)

Thanks so much for all the new, exciting additions to Sum’s website! We are so excited about TSCC and hope you are enjoying it too!
Kind Regards, Mari

Thank you message for the website (04 April 2007)

Cristelle, I just wanted to say thank you for being so good to me in maintaining such a fabulous website for fans who want to know more about my life. It is such an honor! You have been so patient in waiting for this interview. I hope you haven’t forgotten about me. I would love to keep you posted on anything new.

Take care! Most sincerely, Summer

Thanks To Her Fans for her Birthday Messages (26 July 2005)

Just wanted to say thank you to every sweetheart that remembered me on my birthday. I can’t tell you how special you make me feel.
Every year I have a hard time on my birthday. I get terribly sentimental and emotional but I had a lovely day in spite of my defects.
I drove to Santa Barbara with my Mama and my boyfriend and spent the night.They had a beautiful art show outside and we walked on the beach. Of course I had to swim as well. They both found fantastic treasures to give me and I made my favorite dessert – apple pie. It was terrible but they ate it and smiled. That hurts my heart when I think about it. They tried so hard to make the day perfect. What pressure.But they pulled it off with charm. I love them MUCH MUCH.
So back to work – thanks again everyone.