Jeff 1000

Jeff 1000
  • Web series: “Jeff 1000(2014-?)
  • Creators: Michael Karnow
  • Seasons: 1
  • Release Date: December 15, 2014
  • Role: herself
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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Plot Summary: Jeff 1000 is about a robot who leaves his factory job to go to Hollywood and become an actor. The show follows Jeff and his best friend Summer and shows them in various situations in their daily life as actors.

Summer Glau in Jeff 1000

Season 1, Episode 1: Meet Jeff: 10′ Tall Robot & Hollywood Actor

Original Air Date: 15 December 2014
Summer Glau has to attend her ex-boyfriend’s art gallery opening and who better to accompany her than a ten-foot tall robot? Jeff agrees to go and is tasked with one job, but things go haywire when he meets the ex—David Arquette.

Season 1, Episode 2: Pug vs Giant Robot

Original Air Date: 15 December 2014
She’s one of Jeff’s best friends, so when Summer Glau recounts her near-death experience, Jeff is all ears—at least, as much as a robot can be. But when Jeff’s beloved pug Baby Princess continues to interrupt the story, Summer refuses to come second to the tiny dog.

Season 1, Episode 3: Giant Robots Have Feelings, Too

Original Air Date: 15 December 2014
During a shoot Jeff can’t seem to get his lines quite right. It’s two simple words, but with so many different ways to convey the emotion behind them Jeff and co-star Summer Glau are left pondering the philosophical meaning behind “human alert!”