Human Preservation Project

Human Preservation Project
  • Type: Alternate Reality Game (2011)
  • Website:
  • Release Date: May 2011
  • Role: Natalia Suttinger
  • News: Articles about Human Preservation Project
  • How to Play: The game consists of 5 facilities and a command center which were not able at the beginning of the game. The game will unlock rooms when it progresses and the player has to solve puzzles to unlock videos and comic book pages to reveal the full story. To access certain rooms keys are needed, which can be found on special marked 5gum packages. The game combines real live activities and a point and click adventure.
  • Plot Summary: Test facilities were created to save the human race from apathy. The project is called ‘The Human Preservation Project’. Summer plays the character of Natalia Suttinger the neuro-analyst for the project who sends out messages to the world that can be discovered by the player. In these videos she talks about the project and the world itself.

Summer Glau as Natalia Suttinger