Cold Case

Cold Case
  • TV Series: “Cold Case” (2003)
  • Director: Greg Yaitanes
  • Original Air Date: 09 November 2003
  • Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller/ …
  • Plot Summary: The case of a 1981 homicide involving a 16-year-old female track runner star who was fatally shot is reoppened. The investigation is renewed after a felon, who is trying to get a reduced sentence, tells officers he saw a student washing blood out of a car the night of the murder. The young athlete, Paige Pratt, was found shot, and her boyfriend Al Clarkson was originally imprisoned for the crime. The cold squad investigation reveals that her boyfriend was innocent. She was killed because she was having an affaire with an other man.

Summer Glau as  Paige Pratt