• TV Series: “Angel” (1999)
  • Director: Joss Whedon
  • Original Air Date: 04 February 2002
  • Trivia: Marks Summer’s first appearance on TV.
  • Genre: Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / …
  • Plot Summary: When a famous dance troupe comes to LA, Angel is thrilled. He drags Gunn, Fred, Cordy and Wes along for a night of ballet. Unfortunately, supernatural forces are afoot at the theater.The prima ballerina of the famous Russian ballet company once had a lover, Stephan. But the owner of the company, was in love with her. He was so obsessed with her that when he found her with Stephan, he went insane with jealous rage and pulled her out of time, out of any reality beyond *his* theater, his company. He swore she would dance for him forever.

Summer Glau as  Prima Ballerina