Summer is in Reno for her first day of the Reno Pop Culture Con. She will have a couple of photo ops today: at 12:20 pm the Firefly group photo with Alan and Jewel, at 3:10 pm her own photo op, at 3:20 pm a duo with Jewel and at 3:40 pm a dual with John Barrowman. Don’t forget that her panel will be today at 2:00 pm in the Main Hall together with Jewel and Ken Reid. As always, you can check out a couple pics below and in the gallery.

[Reno Pop Culture Con, Reno, November 8 – 9 > Misc]
[Reno Pop Culture Con, Reno, November 8 – 9 > Panel]

Pictures Courtesy of: Lance | @dianamatronic | @dr.ericarotondo | @kattoynikko | @yvensong | Reno Pop Culture Con | @sharon.zenz

Summer will have a couple more photo ops tomorrow, so comeback to the con if you missed her or want to meet her again. 🙂