Netflix has just released the first season of their action packed martial arts drama Wu Assassins featuring Summer as Miss Jones. As expected Summer shows up in episode 9 and 10 of the season. Be warned that this article contains spoilers.

Summer’s character is called a Water Wu and as the name suggest, has power over the water element. Unfortunately she is not on our hero’s side and has her own agenda. Both episodes 9 and 10 serve as the final of the season with episode 9 setting up the endgame. Summer’s character miss Jones is tasked with retrieving important artifacts and shows her powers right at the beginning of the episode. Later you can also see the famous kissing scene with Katheryn Winnick, when Jones pays a visit to an old friend that has possessed her character Christine.

[Wu Assasins > 1×09 Paths Pt1]

Episode 10 shows all our characters, good and bad, in a forest for the (almost) final showdown. Unfortunately there are not that many scenes with Summer in this episode. However, you can see her kick some ass when fighting breaks loose in the final battle.

[Wu Assasins > 1×10 Paths Pt2]

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