Summer did another interview about narrating the science fiction series ALTERNIS, this time Jamie Lovett from As usual, you can check out an excerpt below and can read the entire interview over at

I’ve always wondered about actors taking audiobook jobs because on one hand you’re narrating, which is acting but not really playing a character. But you’re also playing a character, because you’re narrating from Tandy’s point-of-view, but then you’re also performing dialogue for several other characters. It seems like a lot. How do you handle all of that?

Well thanks for asking. I’ve been asking myself that as well. I’ve kind of been watching myself go through the process. When I was sent the story and the idea, it was an immediate yes, because I listen to audiobooks and podcasts every chance I get. I absolutely love this medium. It works for me in my life right now, you know? I’m a mommy to two young girls, and I don’t often get to sit down and watch a show like I used to. And so audio has really given me this new access. And I wanted to somehow find my way into storytelling this way.
But when they sent me the story and told me I was going to be narrating, I pictured myself as if I was reading a book. But when I got into the studio, I realized I need to connect all of these characters, uniquely, and come up with ways to differentiate them

Audio fiction is going through a boom right now, with fiction podcasts and audiobooks getting a lot of new attention and a company like Serial Box making waves by signing deals with Marvel and things like that. As someone in the entertainment industry, was this kind of audio work on your radar at all when you were starting out? And have you been aware of the surge of popularity it’s experienced?

I didn’t think about it much when I first started. Although, when I first moved to Los Angeles, I lived next door to a library, and I didn’t have any money to go to the movie theater. So I would check stuff out. And sometimes I would check on those books on the old cassette tapes. And I loved listening to those. And as an actor, you kind of eat that up with a spoon, because you’re being entertained, but you can also use what you’re not seeing to kind of imagine story in your own way. And I like that aspect of reading or listening to audio. Everybody is kind of seeing their own story on top of what they’re hearing.