Audiobook director Amanda Rose Smith has posted a couple more images from the ALTERNIS audiobook recording session with Summer.

So some of you may wonder what I was doing in Texas earlier this month…

I was directing Serial Box‘s newest series: Alternis !
Narrated by the amazing Summer Glau, of Firefly and Serenity fame.
The first episode is already up!

“The battlefield has gone digital. And national survival could be one combo move away. A video game designer discovers that the game she created is the seed for an ambitious top-secret project to keep the world from plunging into war—and Team USA wants her on board. In this game, nations compete for real-world resources. But not everybody is playing by the rules.”

As I was writing the theme I was remembering how when I was in grad school at NYU I used to practice film scoring to an unscored version of serenity that was donated to the department and now a decade later, here i am writing the real music for a project shes in 🙂