Last year Summer did a short interview with Jimmie Trammel from Tulsa World in preparation of her appearance at the Tulsa Pop Culture Expo. As you probably all know, Summer had to cancel this event due to a schedule conflict, as she was filming her guest appearance for Netflix’s new martial arts drama Wu Assassins. However, Tulsa World has just now published this interview. You can check out a few excerpt below.

In what way are you still a Texan? I am very much a Texan. I live in Texas now, in the Hill Country a little bit north of San Antonio. I just felt like, when I was gone, I never really felt like anywhere else was home. It’s really great to be back. Some of the qualities that I think of when I think of Texans is their inherent pride in being Texans. There’s a sense of belonging. Sense of family. Sense of camaraderie. Friendliness. Open-ness. Open-hearted. I lived in California for many years, but after I had my daughter, I started trying to plot how to get back to Texas. And now we have two (daughters).

Was there a project in your career that changed everything for you in regard to all of a sudden you had fan sites devoted to you and you were getting convention invites? Was it “Firefly” or something else?
The thing about “Firefly” was that was pretty much my first job. I did one episode of “Angel,” and I was still dancing full-time at that point. I got that job and then I got to “Firefly.” It wasn’t on very long before it got pulled. So I remember thinking, “Well, it was fun being an actor while it lasted. I’m going to have to figure out something else.”

You can read the entire interview over at Tulsa World.