Summer will be joining this years Phoenix Fan Fusion, held at the Phoenix Convention Center from May 23-26. As usual, she will be there to sign autographs, take pictures with you and answer your questions at her Q&A panel. As usual, Summer will be joining the convention on Saturday and Sunday only. The following information are currently available:

If you plan to attend the convention, the following tickets are available at their ticket site.

  • VIP Membership – $350
  • Full Event Membership – $75
  • Thursday Membership – $20
  • Friday Membership – $30
  • Saturday Membership – $45
  • Sunday Membership – $30
  • Sidekick Membership – $10
  • Child Membership – Free

If you want to get an autograph for Summer you can purchase it for $40 here. A selfie with Summer for the same price is also available at this website. A professional photo with Summer is available for $60. Summer will have 2 photo op sessions; the first one Saturday 2:00 pm in Photo Booth B and the second one Sunday at 10:30 am in Photo Booth A. If you want to check out her Q&A, it is scheduled for Sunday from 3.00 pm to 4:00 pm in the West 301 BCD Ballroom.

That’s all for now. Will let you know when autograph/photo op prices and panel schedule are available. As always, the latest information are available at their official website.