In preparation of her appearance at this years Comic Con in Paris, Summer did a short interview with the french website Tele 7 jours. She does talk a little bit about a possible Firefly reboot, her love for France and her new project which is going to be in the sci-fi genre. You can check out the full interview here (in french), and a short translated part below. I did use google translate so it might not be perfect, but you should get the idea. ūüôā

Is it [Sci-Fi] a genre you like yourself as a spectator?

I am often asked this question.¬†In a sense, I’ve always been a fan of science fiction and fantasy.¬†When I was a child, my mother read¬†The Hobbit¬†and the works of CS Lewis to me and my sisters.¬†It shaped my imagination.¬†Later, when I started acting in Los Angeles, I realized that this genre offered women powerful roles never seen elsewhere.


It is rumored that a reboot of Firefly could see the day …

I heard that it was considered. Firefly never followed the rules, if only when the movie Serenity concluded the plot after its cancellation, after a single season. I would not be surprised.


Can we say that River was an early feminist, like Buffy ?

Absolutely.¬†I consider that to be a feminist, to be a strong woman, is to affirm who we are.¬†That’s what I liked about River, and the others that I had the opportunity to play later in science fiction.¬†Because women are their own heroes.¬†I particularly like the way Joss Whedon (creator of¬†Buffy the vampire slayer¬†and¬†Firefly¬†, ed) writes his feminine characters, who are full of nuances.¬†They are funny, vulnerable, strong, intelligent and the same time.


Do you have new projects?

I’m starting to get back to work after taking a break in my career to take care of my two little girls.¬†I’m shooting next month in a new science fiction program.¬†It’s a small role, but I can not tell you more …


Do you like coming to France?

I just love it !¬†I would settle in Paris in the blink of an eye if I had the opportunity.¬†It’s a magical city.¬†And the French are very welcoming.