In preparation for her first visit to Tulsa Pop Culture Expo in November, Summer did a short interview with News on 6. In the short article, she talks a bit about the love for Firefly and how excited she is to come to Tulsa and meet her fans. You can check out a short excerpt below. For the full interview, head over to News on 6.

“I certainly never could have envisioned that our fanbase would have resurrected it and turned it into a film. And most people who know Firefly now saw the film first and then went and watched the series,” she said.


“It’s a privilege,” Glau said of coming to the conventions. “I feel a connection with them, and I think that they feel a connection with me. Even from the very beginning of my career, it’s sort of like how I felt in my Firefly family, even when I was a newcomer and had no business being there, they loved me and supported me, and I’ve always felt that way with the fans as well,” she said.