Hey guys, it has been a while but here is a really lovely story from Randall who met Summer at last weekends Cincinnati Comic Expo. Huge thanks to him for sharing his experience and photos. 🙂 You can read his story below and find a couple more images in the gallery.

Having previously met Summer Glau at a Comic Con in Columbus, Ohio in 2013, I had the opportunity to
“renew acquaintances” with her at last week’s Comic Con in Cincinnati. After waiting in line, when my
turn to meet her came, I began our discussion by telling her that I met her five years ago, showing her a
photo I had made with her and Ron Glass. Seeing the photo, Summer softly exclaimed “Ron.” Without
my even asking her, she autographed the photo, even though I was probably only entitled to have her
autograph one item.

I told Summer that when I had met her before I wanted to ask her if she hoped to one day be married
and have children, but I decided such a question was too personal so I didn’t ask it then. I noted that
she has answered that question anyway, as she is now married with two young daughters. She replied
by telling me how much she loves being a mother, adding that one of her daughters had made the trip
to Cincinnati I understand she was with Summer’s husband Val).

I then asked Summer what her career plans are and if she has any upcoming acting roles. She said that
while she is “open” to acting roles she is not currently actively seeking any roles. She instead wants to
primarily devote her time to being a mother. As a fan of Summer Glau the actress, this is of course
disappointing, as any fan would hope that she would announce a new role, perhaps a revival of “Firefly”
or, even better, a new series entitled “Terminator: The Cameron Phillips Chronicles.” However, as a fan
of Summer Glau the person, her choice has to be respected and her devotion to her family is admirable.
I then mentioned to Summer that my wife and I have three sons, telling her that when they were born,
my wife chose to be a stay-at-home mother. She asked if any of my sons were with me. I told her that
my youngest son was in line to see Peter Mayhew.

Summer asked me where I was from. When I told her Huntington, West Virginia she asked if it was
mountainous there. After answering her I remarked that I understood she and her family now live in San
Antonio. She replied that they live near that city. I then told her that my wife and I were in San Antonio a
few years ago. While there we were having a meal at an outdoor café in the River Walk area, which is a
lovely area. A duck apparently became impatient waiting for some of my food to fall onto the sidewalk
and bit me! When I told her that she laughingly said “I’m sorry!”

Summer mentioned that she tries to make meeting with fans special. I then told her that at the
Columbus Comic Con in 2013, while waiting in a relatively isolated area to pick up the photo I had made
with her and Ron Glass, I had seen Summer departing the convention center with Val. She had
encountered a little girl, perhaps three or four years old. Summer had stopped, went over to the little
girl and posed for a free photo with her. No one witnessed her kindness other than the little girl’s
mother and me. I complimented Summer for that kindness.

When I wrote about meeting Summer five years ago, I noted how beautiful she was then, that her
photos did not do her justice. I was amazed last weekend by how little she has aged in five years, even
after having two children. I finally told her she looked as if she had aged five days in five years. I almost
think that she really is a “Cybernetic organism. Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton,” to quote from
the “Dungeons & Dragons” episode of TSSC.

I mentioned that Summer signed the photo from our prior meeting. She also autographed a photo I
selected from those she had available on the table. I told her that five years ago I had chosen one of her
in her ballerina uniform. This time I chose the bikini photo from her 2011 Esquire photo shoot I later
showed the photo to my loving wife, who just laughed). Summer not only autographed the photo, she
wrote “So lovely to see you again. Stay Shiny. XX” It was sweet and gracious of her to note on the photo
that we had met before.

I then had my “selfie” made with Summer. The attendant actually took two selfies, although the photos
are almost identical. Later that day I also had a professional photo made with Summer.

While I was waiting in line to meet Summer I was able to take numerous photos of her meeting other
fans. When I later reviewed those other photos, I noticed how animated and expressive Summer’s face
is when she meets fans. For someone who was so terrific at playing an often stoic and expressionless
terminator, in person she is anything but that. She truly seems to enjoy meeting her fans.

I mention the above in part because of an encounter I later had with another celebrity. When I reached
the head of his line and handed him a photo to autograph, he quickly did so, as he signed giving a short
answer to my question about a prop he wore for a role. He then swiftly moved to my side for our selfie
and we were done, an encounter that lasted maybe 15-20 seconds. I’m not naming the celebrity,
because I got what I paid for, an autographed photo and a selfie, but the meeting had a real assembly
line feel to it.

That is not how an encounter with Summer goes. I would guess I had a discussion with her for several
minutes, two minutes, four minutes. The point is that you have a discussion with her, as reflected in this

Look, I’m not unrealistic. I very much doubt that Summer recalls anything about our meeting. She
certainly did not say “hey next time you are in San Antonio contact Val and me and we’ll do lunch.”
She’s the celebrity and the rest of us are just fans. That said, her graciousness, kindness and sweetness
are noteworthy. I do not know what the future holds for Summer from an acting standpoint, but I will
always be her fan.

Hope you enjoyed the story and thanks again to Randell for being so kind to share his experiences with us.