It looks like Summer was really busy giving interviews at Supanova Perth. Besides talking with 6GPR and AccessReel she also sat down with House of Geekery for a short interview. They talked a bit about her career, the love for her fans and more. It’s an audio interview this time. You can check out a short excerpt below and head over to for the full audio:

GF: You were the star of Firefly, Terminator, Dollhouse, The 4400, The ‘Arrowverse’…with all those shows you have, without a doubt, the longest line of fans waiting to see you. What attracts you to these ‘geeky’ projects?

SG: (Laughs) The roles! The roles, the roles! You know, when I first came to L.A. I was not afraid to just wait for the right thing for me. I can read something and sometimes it’s a great job but it’s not right for me. I don’t know if I would bring something to it that would work creatively, that it would inspire me. Science fiction and genre is a great fit for me. I like that the characters can be unexpected, kinda quirky…that’s how I am. I’m a bit nerdy myself and a bit ‘off’ a little bit. I don’t know I’ve found a great home here.


GF: Your first appearance on TV was in Angel, how did that go to one of the starring roles in Firefly?

SG: A little miracle, I guess. I hadn’t ever tested for a series regular on a network show before. I was lucky to have worked with Joss right before he started casting Firefly and I guess he thought of me, thought “maybe she’d be right”. I feel like it was the perfect role for me in my life at that moment. River was…a little removed, a little out of her element, vulnerable, a little of a live wire…I was able to experiment in that role and Joss and the rest of the cast gave me a very safe place to experiment, take risks, make mistakes. It really was a perfect fit for me.


GF: That’s really cool. Before we wrap up we have one question we like to ask everybody. You’re very well known for particular roles – playing a Terminator, playing River – is there a role or a project from the past or upcoming that you want people to be more aware of?

SG: Oh…well, hopefully something upcoming when the time is right. I wouldn’t say other roles. I love River, I love Firefly…she’s been an incredible addition to my life, she took me on this incredible ride and I also love that she’s been there for certain people. People come up to me in line and they say, “River really inspired me”, or “she was there during a dark period of my life”. That is incredible to have been the one to serve in that story in that way.

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