It’s the final day of the Supanova convention and your last chance to see Summer in Australia for a while I guess. Your main event should be Summer’s panel today at 11:00 am followed by her photo ops at 11:35 am and 5:00 pm. Hope you all have a great time and the convention and blast meeting Summer. 🙂 You can check out a couple images of her from today below.

[Supanova Perth, Perth, June 23-24 > Misc]
[Supanova Perth, Perth, June 23-24 > Panel]

Pictures courtesy of: @carina_cmyk | Tony Tolj | @accessreel.com_official | Adam | Peter | @arnold_carter_96

Check out this lovely clip from an interview Summer did at the convention where she talks a bit about how she found the names for her two little angels. 🙂 Thanks to Tony Tolj for sharing it.

That’s all for this convention. I hope you all have the chance to see her today. After visiting Australia, Summer will head back home to the US for her next convention in August, the Minnesota Fan Fusion.