The final day of the Supanova Sydney is in full motion and the first images of Summer are coming in. Besides her two photo op session (12:30pm and 4:10pm), Summer will have her Q&A panel today. It’s your chance to ask her your questions, so you better don’t miss it. 🙂 Anyway, you can check out a couple of images of Summer from today below. As usual, more are up in the gallery.

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Impressions from the panel (by The Trekzone Plexus):

It’s been a long night with the kids… #TrekzoneLive #SupanovaExpo

‘I started out pretty serious in ballet when I was 5.’ Summer Glau reflecting on the start of her career. #TrekzoneLive #SupanovaExpo

‘I didn’t have a backup plan if I got injured… and then I did so acting was where I went.’

I sort of still feel like I’m a dancer…

Summer reflecting on her beginnings in acting… a Ballerina in Angel then River in .

Questions from the audience begin… ‘what’s your favourite accent.. and would you consider doing an Australian accent.’ ‘My favourite.. would be… Australian’

I think I wanted to have a British accent because I wanted to do period pieces (like Jane Austin)

I just kind of winged it (casting for ) with an accent with Joss asked for it… then I switched to Russian. I visualised all my Russian teachers yelling at me!

Audience Q.. ‘What was it like kissing ?’ .. ‘It’s a fast show.. so I don’t remember too much.’

We felt like family’ Summer on the twists and turns of

‘How did you interpret the dialogue of and ’ .. ‘For me it felt so natural. The way Joss writes kind of pierces through.’

After the two pages (I had for the audition of River) I felt so connected. I think where I was in my life, so new to acting… I was able to really dive into the scenes without having to force it too much… It was very instinctual.’

Usually when you get to set.. they go through the dialogue and (block through) … my scene where I jump out of the box naked — I just went for it, I did the whole scene full out. Then all my cast mates.. smiled at me, then left.

Then Joss came up to me and was like ‘that was full out!’ .. I learnt then that you ease into it..

Is it still really weird to still see fans at conventions? ‘It’s still surreal, it feels like I got away with something… it was my first job.’

‘I wanna be a mermaid..I’ve had a deathly fear of whales my whole life’

When I was cast in , I was expecting to fight some people… but it was a mlre sophisticated, grown up role for me. It was a lot of fun.

I remember when Joss said he was going to make River a martial arts expert… I met with the stunt coordinator, it was like my first day at ballet again. They created a technique where it would seem plausible that River could kick a room of burly men

I had to actually kick and punch the stunt guys… there was one concussion, but I don’t think it was my fault. I’m so grateful that Joss let me do it myself.

‘How did you almost become the Pink Power Ranger?’ It was my first big audition in Hollywood, I could kick really high… but I hadn’t taken an acting class yet… I was fortune’s fool in that moment.


This won’t be Summer’s last convention in Australia, you can see her one more time when she visits the Supanova in Perth next week.