In preparation for her visit to the Supanova Expo in Sydney, Summer gave another media interview. This time she talked with the Hawkesbury Gazette. Read about her love for sci-fi and her fans, being a mum and her first convention experiences. An excerpt is below and the full interview is just around the corner.

“My biggest fan interaction was with the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I actually cried. I kept telling myself, ‘Summer stop, you’re embarassing everybody’.


“Often times when I’m signing in the lines people say, ‘how are you doing are you feeling tired, is this kind of crazy for you’, and I’ll say, ‘are you kidding, I feel so loved, keep it coming. Keep telling me that you like my show, I can’t get enough, it’s amazing’,” she said.

“I like to say that the science fiction community is so powerful and so loving and supportive and they are open to following you and trying you out in new roles. This is our chance to come in person and say thank you and really celebrate it.”


“Right now I’m just taking a mummy leave,” she said. “But I’m also open … if the right role came along I would find a way to do that, so I’m still reading stuff and seeing what’s next. I want to pick the right thing if I decide to come back and pick something that my fans will really enjoy and just be right for me.”

Summer will join the Supanova Expo this Saturday and Sunday.