Hey guys, as usual, today is the final day of this years Motor City Comic Con and, as you probably know, your last chance to meet Summer. Besides visiting her at the booth, you can check out her photo op session at 1:10 PM in Room 1. The highlight of the day will be Summer’s panel today at 12:00 PM in Speaker Room 1. You better don’t miss it. Anyway, you can check out a couple of images and maybe more below.

[Motor City Comic Con, Detroit, Mai 18-20 > Misc]
[Motor City Comic Con, Detroit, Mai 18-20 > Panel]

Pictures courtesy of: @thekenkettler | @thechalkgirl | @Theoriginalvadergirl | @ronaldmark | Patti | Rick | @BeowolfS

You can check out a short clip from her panel below. More can be found in the video section.

A couple people have also shared their impressions from the panel:

Summer Glad would love to play Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. @DavesComicHero

[Summer’s] Favorite movie is Camelot. @DavesComicHero

OMG her biggest fangirl moment was meeting the entire Star Trek: TNG cast. She said she completely embarrassed herself. @geekchiccollective

Hope you enjoy your time at the convention and have a great time meeting Summer. For her next convention, she will travel down under and meet her fans in Sydney and Perth.