Summer has just arrived at this years Motor City Comic Con to meet all of her fans. So this weekend is your chance to meet her. Today you can visit Summer at her booth or attend her photo op session at 5:10 PM in Room 2 .  Hope you guys give her a warm welcome. As usual, you can check out a couple of images of Summer from her first day at the convention below.

Pictures courtesy of: @RicoBeard | Kirk Thomas | @thegreatkevun | Robert Schumann | @blenmankeith | @onthesidehero | Paul

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If you can’t make it today or missed Summer, tomorrow is your last chance to take a picture with her (1:10 PM in Room 1) and visit her panel (12:00 PM in Speaker Room 1). So its a good chance to end your weekend on a high note. 🙂 It might take a while to get to her due to her usually long lines, but its totally worth it. 🙂