Images of Summer from last day at Garden State Comic Fest

Hey guys, its the last day of this years Garden State Comic Fest in Atlantic City. You still have the chance to see Summer today and take a picture with her. Professional photo op is from 1:30 PM to 2.00 PM. Of course you can also stop by her booth and take a picture her. The rest of us can check out a couple of images of Summer from today below. Thanks to all for sharing. 🙂

[Garden State Comic Fest, Atlantic City, April 7-8 > Misc]

Pictures courtesy of: @dcvillainreborn | @danny_ward20 | @agirlwiththeplan | @rl2vas | @NJBatSquadStudios | @dcvillainreborn

I hope everyone had a good tome at the convention and a great experience meeting Summer. Convention goes don’t have to wait too ling to see her again. She will attend the Motor City Comic Con next month.

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