It’s the second day of the Emerald City Comic Con and Summer’s first convention this year. She will attend the convention on three days so I hope you make it count and visit her panel and check out her booth. The most important events today are the dual photo op at 2:15 PM and the single one at 2:45 PM and last but not least the panel with Sean at 12:00 PM and the interview with both of them at 12 4:45 PM at the ECCC Live Stage. Hope you guys check it out. 🙂

If you like you can check out a couple of images of Summer from today below.

[Emerald City Comic Con, Seattle, March 2-4 > Panel]

[Emerald City Comic Con, Seattle, March 2-4 > Misc]

Pictures courtesy of: @FrogPhoto | @marigoldilocks | @kideternity | @nerdysempstress | @jpac123 | @iamnotabrush | @jammindude

A few impressions from the panel:

And the panel has begun ! Summer Glau and are telling us about how they each had just 2 pages to audition with.

Clare: “How did you two establish that sibling bond?” : “We didn’t.” Summer Glau: “I just followed you around.”

Clare: Do you work from the inside out, as an actress, or does the hair and the makeup help you get into character? Summer Glau: That’s a great question – it depends… you? : That is such a great question … I don’t know…

Fan: What was your favorite scene with ? : … When I punched him?

What would Summer Glau want for River in novelizations and comics? “I’d want River to comb her hair … maybe find some shoes…”

Summer Glau tells us about the backstage monkey that Nathan Fillion has on set.

Hope you enjoy your time at the convention and meeting our lovely actress Summer. If you can’t make it today, don’t worry. You can see Summer tomorrow and Sunday as well.