Hey guys, its convention time and Summer is visiting the Wizard World Austin in her home state. Hope you are giving her a warm welcome and have a great time. It’s her first convention after giving birth to her second little girl Sunny. Good time to congratulate the second time mom. 🙂 We do have a couple of important events you should not miss today. Among these are the photo op at 11:15 AM with Summer and 12:00 PM with Sean, Summer and Jewel. The highlight should be the Firefly panel today at 5 PM in Ballroom A.

For the rest of you who can not attend the convention, you can check out some images of Summer from today below.

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[Wizard World Austin, November 18-19 > Firefly Panel]

Pictures courtesy of: vinny.chou | Kevin | davidalanscott | @wearetexas | @feliciaday | @bookish_notes

Impressions from the panel:

Summer: “I’d like to bring back Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.” Sean: “I didn’t know I could love you any more. Now I do.” – @Pure_Fandom

@JewelStaite wants to sit on the Iron Throne. Summer Glau wants to be a care bear. – @Pure_Fandom

was such a special experience and hand-picked the whole cast and crew. Sean: “Joss is the symbol of this beautiful family.” – @Pure_Fandom

Their favorite scenes to shoot were in the dining room. – @Pure_Fandom

Summer wants to be a Care Bear. “Is that science fiction??”

Summer Glau talks about using her ballet skills and mixing them with martial arts and kickboxing for her role as River. #firefly #wizardworldaustin – @shuffleonline

says he’s seen every episode, 8 times over.  – @shuffleonline

Do you have a dog? named her dog Charlotte after the character in .  – @shuffleonline

explains the BTS jokes of whenever someone messed up on set, they’re say it was Summer’s fault. Lol  – @shuffleonline

“If you’re doing a long, long shot, you don’t want to be the one to screw it up,” says – @shuffleonline

If you could program yourself as any personality? : “if I said Dexter, would that be creepy?” – @shuffleonline

Summer Glau also loves C.S. Lewis books. loves Lord of the rings.  – @shuffleonline

“I was in Hobbiton. I almost wet myself… It’s the most insane place. It’s beautiful,”  – @shuffleonline

Favorite sci-fi outside ? says Contact. says Pretty Woman. Summer Glau says Star Trek: The next generation.  – @shuffleonline

“We had stray cats come to our set and pee,” says.  – @shuffleonline

Favorite ships? says Simon and Jane. “That was hot… Oh wait what?”  –  @shuffleonline

How to deal with romantic scenes? The consensus is to get drunk!  –  @shuffleonline

“When a show goes on and on for years… That’s a rarity,” says. “It’s like winning the lottery.”  –  @shuffleonline

and would not leave Summer Glau alone with their kids. Lol.   –  @shuffleonline

Added a couple of videos from the panel. You can see more in our video section.

Hope you are enjoying your time at the convention and had the chance to see Summer, Jewel and Sean. If not, tomorrow is your last chance to hang out with them, so make it count. 🙂