First Images of Summer from Wizard World Chicago

Hey guys, Summer is starting her three weekends long convention with her appearance at the Wizard World Chicago (along with her friend Jewel). It’s going to be a fun day with her photo op session starting at 12:45pm followed by the Firefly panel wit Jewel at 2:30pm. If she isn’t at one of these two events, you can find Summer at her booth. Stop by and say hello if you like. 🙂

As usual, you can find images of Summer with her fans and from the panel below.

[Wizard World Chicago, August 26-27 > Misc]
[Wizard World Chicago, August 26-27 > Panel]

Pictures courtesy of: Angela | Chris | Aevangelisto | BattyxJ | Anthony

Impressions from the panel:

With thanks to Shallow Graves Magazine , there is also a clip from the Firefly panel. Check it out below. You can find more clips in the video section when they come available.


Hope you guys are having a great time at the convention. Be patient when waiting in line, her queues tend to be extra long and – as you probably know – she doesn’t rush through her fan meetings. Don’t forget Summer’s photo op session, starting tomorrow at 11:00am.

Update 08/27/2017:

Added a clip from the panel.

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