You wanted to read a couple more stories of fan encounters. Well, I will make an exception and post a few ones I found that were pretty cool. 🙂 If I be able to find more, I will update this post. Happy reading. 🙂

From Jonathan.

Dear Admins,

I am big fan of the amazing Summer, here is a little something I penned for her… “Summer Glua, how you rock me so!” The first line of a poem that I wooed the actress of many cult science fiction shows. On Saturday I was respendant as Dredd whenever I met her at first. My heart was racing within my bosum, my chest was rising with gallant pride! (Forgetting the infamous Billie Piper incident wherein she saved my life as Piper pushed me back whenever I lurched forward in excitement, but that’s a story for another day past.) I digress. I presented Summer with 3 gifts! The poem was the first, the second was a Celtic triskelion necklace with 3 charms on it. Her face beamed and she clutched it to her chest in gratitude. And she said, “thank you!” The final gift was my book. Unfortunately, I had forgotten in my haste to sign it! Oh, the calamity of the situation!

Time was short, and of the utmost essence. We had to go.

We made our farewells to the fair Summer, and vowed, nay promised to return forthwith the following day, with a signed copy of my book.

So, now as the heroic guise as Captain James Tiberius Kirk we met the following morning. Summer said, “I hope you had come back!” She greeted me with a peck on each cheek, and a gentle kiss.

And so the day ends, as does my tale. Inside the book “Ten Minutes On Mars” I inscribed my dedication, “To Summer! You are under arrest, for stealing my heart! Love from Jonathan Fisher!” And the last line of the poem read, “In the Summer’s heat, men perspire, horse’s sweat, but you merely glow.” And that is how it’s done.

Now, to the next thrilling tale of high adventure!

An Ode to Summer Glau.

Summer Glau, Summer Glau, oh you rock me so!

On Firefly and Serenity you kicked Alliance ass, you had sass!

I adored you as the Terminator, Cameron, that was an awesome show,

You were Tess on the 4400, on the Big Bang Theory you showed great class!

I think in the Summer’s heat, men perspire, horses sweat, but you always glow.

Summer Glau, Summer Glau, oh you rock me so!

By Jonathan Fisher

On a side note. You probably have noticed that backstage pictures of Mila are on the internet. Of course Summer and Val did not give the permission to have them posted publicly. So don’t get fooled.