Final images of Summer’s European tour

Hey guys, today is the final day of Summer’s European tour. Its the last chance for you to meet her. So you better hurry and head over to her booth, her panel and photo op. Day will start with her photo session at 12:00 followed by her panel at 13:15. Have a great day! 🙂 Anyway, you can check out images of Summer at MCM Dublin below.

[MCM Dublin, July 1-2 > Misc]
[MCM Dublin, July 1-2 > Panel Sunday]

Pictures courtesy of: @qonathan.cyborg | @ImmortalRoot

Check out a few short clip from the panel below. You can find more videos from the convention in our video section.

Hope you guys had a great time meeting her. Summer’s European tour is now over and it will be a little while before you can see her. Next time it is the Comic Con in San Francisco.

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Look like everyone had fun, hopefully the next con will produce more images though. As for Summer, it’s her birthday soon. 🙂


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