Convention Stories: MCM Belfast

Hey guys, you probably know the drill. 😀 I collect a couple of lovely and unique stories from fans who met Summer over the weekend and post them here, So here are some experiences from fans who met Summer at the MCM in Belfast.

Brian’s experience meeting Summer shows that she always tries to make every encounter feel special.

Hey just a short email about my experience today you may share on the website if you want….. So today me and my family went to the MCM Northern Ireland Comic Con there was a few good guests this year. But the one I came for was Summer Glau, loved her in Firefly and Sarah Connor Television show and other stuff she’s been involved with. I watched her 30 minute Q and A then made my way to the guest area as quick as I could to be up front in row of people, now before I continue I was made part time in work about 2 months ago so money is tight with having 2 young children and what comes with responsibility so I could not afford the photo opportunity at the cost of £48 which personally I think is very expensive so I thought maybe I could grab a selfie even through the organization running the Con seems to be against them. Anyway back to the story, standing in line Summer came back and sat down smiling at people and talking to the maybe 5 people in front of me, as I approached I got nervous and asked would she sign by Terminator Blu-ray and my autograph book for my 2 daughters…. She was very interested in the names of my girls and spent time talking about her/my kids names and how she loved the idea of collecting autographs from my girls, we talked about the hope for a season 3/proper ending for The Terminator show and so on. Before she finished signing my book I asked would she mind a quick selfie and she said she was not allowed but to come round quickly and take a photo…. I was so glad even though it was slightly blurry I didn’t care as o got what I came for and more, I thanked her and wished her and the bump good luck and shock hands and said goodbye. O left well happy…. These are my autographs and photo thank you. Brian Griffith.

Liam had an amazing time meeting his (and our) hero 🙂

Well what can I say it was an absolute dream come though to have met summer …there is so little opportunity to meet great actors actresses such as summer and not to forget shes one of my heroes…I was not disappointed summer was extremely nice and so friendly and of course that smile just glowed….I had asked summer had she any inspiring words for me as I did some acting myself …summers words were always be yourself it’s not about fitting in its about standing out…I had also asked her about terminator if the rumors were true they were thinking on doing more she said yes but we would have to wait a wile if I heard correct. ..needless to say I hope so …so thank you summer for making my day😊
Another lovely story from John, who like so many other, had a wonderful time meeting Summer. 🙂

I was at Comic Con Exhibition with Ann and Sarah-Sarah-beth, my first outing with a large crowd. We all had a great time and seen a number of famous Film and TV faces e.g. The music Queen themed OST Mr Flash Gordon himself. Lots of public and stall members dressed in their Cosplay outfits e.g. Jedi Knights, Storm Troopers, Ewoks, Chewbacca of Star Wars. Plus other Star Trek, Disney, Anime film and TV characters.etc.

The best moment for me was to meet Firefly, Serenity, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, actress Summer Glau. A super wonderful down to earth (non ego big head like other famous actors or musicians) beautiful lady. We talked for ages about various topics and she autographed one of her photos. Then I got freebie photo with her during our chat. Then out of blue she signed another different photo and my event two page spread about her in the exhibition program booklet. A cool moment and it was an enjoyable day out for the longest time.


On a side note. Because you guys do not seem to be that interested in these stories. I will stop collecting them on a regular basis. If something exciting comes up, I will post it, but it won’t be after each convention. You can still send them to me and I will post them. But I don’t have that much time to go and look for them.

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Dan M
Dan M

That’s a bummer. I love the stories!

martin John
martin John

From all the comments and stories i’ve read over the years, not one has said a single negative thing about Summer. She really is a sweetheart 🙂


Norman: Please do not stop posting stories such as these. I always enjoy them. As John said, she really is a wonderful down to earth lady.