First Images of Summer from MCM Belfast

Summer has started the second half of her European tour with a trip to the Belfast Comic Con. I think its her first time in Northern Ireland, so give her a warm welcome, especially because of the cold temperature…if you are accustomed to the weather in Texas. 😛 Anyway, hope you guys have a fun time. Don’t miss her photo op at 13:00 and her panel right after at 13:30.

If you don’t have the chance to be at the convention today you don’t have to be worried. We got you covered. Check out some of the pictures of Summer below. 🙂

[MCM Belfast, June 24-25 > Panel Saturday]
[MCM Belfast, June 24-25 > Misc]

Pictures courtesy of: @jamiecooperMCM | Neil | @bakedinbelfast | @darbr0 | @Timtooine | Andy

A couple fans recorded a few scenes from the panel. Check out Summer’s answer to the question: “What makes a strong independent woman in today’s world (in & outside pop culture)?“. Fore more videos, check out the video section.

As usual, tomorrow is the last convention day. Summer will have a photo op at 13:00 and her second panel at 13:30 on Sunday. Make it count and stop by her booth to day hello. 🙂

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