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Hey guys, I have, as usual, collected a couple of short (and long) but lovely experiences from fans that met Summer at last weeks MCM London. Lots of people wanted to see Summer at the convention, so some of them were rushed through. However, Summer tried to make every meeting special and took a little time to get to know each of them.

@xxambz_18xx had a quick but lovely encounter with Summer.

I did! Not for long but she asked why I had a cast in my leg and wished me all her luck with the recovery, she is just so kind and considerate :’) x

Deviantart user doctorwhoone seemed to have a lovely time meeting “Miss Glau”. 🙂

Yes, I met the lovely reprogrammed female Terminator of ‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ herself, Cameron Phillips

Course, when I met Summer at London MCM Expo [a.k.a. MCM London Comic-Con], I decided to call her ‘Miss Glau’ rather then Summer, as it felt more appropriate and gentlemanly of me to do so.

Interestingly, and I had absolutely no prior knowledge of this even thou I am aware she has a little daughter, it seems at the time I upload this on Monday 29th May 2017 that Summer Glau is currently pregnant [no jokes about me getting her up the duff now, you naughty so and so’s !! ] about 4 to 5 months at least according to one member of staff who was at the photoshoot, as many of us had noticed a baby bump we wasn’t expecting to see.

Thou I wish for a safe birth of her as yet unborn second child for when the time comes

Taken Saturday 27th May 2017.

Laurence – like so many other fans – had a blast meeting our favorite actress. 🙂
I reached the front of the que, Summer was sat on her chair, perfect posture, looking at me with a kindest smile, her body position giving you the impression that I had her complete attention. A little nervous I stepped forward and spoken to her about Firefly and Terminator, Sarah Connor Chronicles, we spoke about the fact that tv companies don’t give tv shows the time for them to develop and grow, she was very philosophical about the issue, speaking with a warmth and a smile, she had a great deal of appreciation of the fans of her shows and came over as very happy to speak to them, after she signed my terminator photo “for Laurence, come with me if you want to live, summer glau”, we shook hands, (for such a petit woman she has a strong hand shake), we said goodbye and she said she was happy to meet me, which sounded very genuine. I will always remember this moment, she made my day
The story on shows how awesome both, Summer and Sean are. Head over to the blog to read his whole experience.

Of all the character relationships in Firefly and Serenity, my favourite is Simon and River Tam. Probably the best brother and sister duo I have seen in any fictional story. Besides Joss Whedon’s excellent writing for the Tam siblings, it is the chemistry between Sean Maher and Summer Glau, what these two actors have together is truly magic. […]

I started off with the joint photo-shoot with Summer, before they took the picture they both held their hands put to me and I didn’t whose to shake first, I was so nervous I think I about to shake Sean’s first but then quickly shook Summer’s first instead. After the picture was taken, I held out my hand to shake theirs and they both did and they thanked me for coming, it was surreal they are so much like each other it’s no wonder they play the relationship so well onscreen. Also Summer was wearing this baggy shirt and skirt, which I could easily imagine River wearing.

Then I had autograph session, they sat next to each other I stood in queue for Summer first however I was told to leave the line quickly to get Sean first from what I understood he was pushed for time I just had him sign half my photo-shoot picture, as I already had his individual autograph. Like I said he was really nice even if he didn’t recognise me. I had Summer just after him but sadly he had just left as I got to her, I wanted to tell them both together how much I love Simon and River’s characters. So I just told Summer, I said seeing Simon and River together brings a tear to my ear and how much I love there chemistry, I meant every word and I could tell she was touched and she told me how she feels that way with Sean and how blessed she was that she got to work with him. As she signed her River she wrote the quote “No power in the verse can stop me”, just like Sean I did not ask her to do that but she did. On joint autograph, they both add little message Sean “Great to meet you” and Summer “Stay shiny”. It just goes to show how much these two are so much, they like to send love to there fans, they don’t seem to stop smiling and they are very warm-hearted people. They are truly a real-life Simon and River Tam.

According to @littlemisslucyc, Summer likes to draw mustaches on photos of Alan Tudyk. 😛

My autograph from Sunday at #mcmcomiccon#mcmlondoncomiccon that I had @sean_m_maher sign last year at #londonfilmandcomiccon and decided to have #summerglau carry it on but boy did she…I told that I am gonna be meeting #alantudyk@alantudyk in July at #lfcc and said you can do what you want to the photo, so she drew a moustache on him, I wonder what his reaction is gonna be hehe 😂

From @persephone_falls who’s kiddo had a great time at the con.

Highlight of con was being able to (albeit in a super flustered manner) tell the story of River’s name choice and have @sean_m_maher and Summer Glau sign her room sign for her. If by some wild chance either of them sees this, you made a little girl and her nerdy mum very happy! 🙂 #firefly#seanmaher#summerglau#mcmexpo#mcmlondon#londonexpo#rivertam#simontam#leafonthewind

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