Images from Summer’s final day at MCM London

The final day for this year’s MCM in London has started. Yesterday was big with lots of people. Summer’s queue was super long. So I hope you attend the convention early if you want to meet her. Don’t forget her photo ops. First one with Sean at 13:00 in Area B, followed by Summer’s at 13:30 in Area A. Don’t miss it. If she is not at the photo area you can find Summer at her booth.

Below are a couple of images of Summer from her final day at the MCM London. Enjoy 🙂

[MCM London, London, Mai 27-28 > Misc]

Pictures courtesy of: @ericbaymusic | @Colinwells22 | Thomas | @dmunns88 | Richard | @mymyselfandmyphotos

Hope you guys had a wonderful time at the convention and got the chance to meet Summer. If you didn’t, don’t worry. Summer will continue her European tour, after taking a short break, by attending the MCM in Northern Ireland.

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