Convention Stories: MCM Hannover

You know how it works. 😉 I tried to collect a couple lovely and hopefully unique stories from people who met our favorite actress. Check them out below. I will try to add new ones as soon as they arrive. 🙂

Check out this lovely one from Jana.

I met Summer for the first time in Hannover and i was so excited.
Meeting her was a dream come true, Summer is absolutely wonderful and kind hearted.
I had the chance to talk to her a little bit. I asked Summer if she could tell my friend something nice because she couldnt come to see her!
So we recorded the most amazing message for my friend. She said that she is sorry that she couldnt attend and she is missing her.. she is sending her love where ever she is..

She wrote a Quote from Firefly on my Poster and asked what it means in german, so i explained!

I hugged her and she waved me goodbye, i’m in heaven and still can’t believe that it happened..

From Tina, who seemed to have a great time working with the Tam’s 🙂

That weird moment when you only have time to fly down the stairs to the photoshoot to get your own little memory and you actually have to be back up at press table already, so you have a complete tunnel vision and need like 10 seconds to realize, Simon Tam just complimented your necklace. Seriously, I was not even realizing, he was like talking and being nice to me, I mainly focused on running in there, smiling and running back out to where I was supposed to be. Guy probably thought I was a total weirdo for just answering “Oh… uh… ahm… right, oh, yeah, thank you”.

(Also sh, yeah, they’re both amazing and sweet and if you see Summer on the pictures of the weekend and think … “… !??!!”, yep, you’re probably right 😉 ). Thanks for a lovely weekend, guys, hope to work again with you soon!

Tim who is a film critic for the Spätvorstellung – Das Kinomagazin was so kind to also share his lovely story of meeting Summer 🙂

I met Summer at her booth, where she signed a photo I brought with me. She was really nice and took lots of time with every fan. She wrote on the photo: “To Tim, come with me if you want to live”, since I’m a big fan of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”.
At the Firefly panel I got the chance to ask her a question.  And she was really happy about my question and thanked me twice for it.  I asked: “How important is it to you to portray strong female characters?” You will see the answer in the video on Sunday. After the panel I asked her if we could take a picture together. It was not a problem and she was really nice. It made my day! As you can see in the pictures, I was really happy to have this opportunity. The rest of the day was in a great Summer feeling!

Evelin definitely enjoyed meeting Summer and listening to her Firefly stories.

I met Summer first time in Hannover! I was on the Table for the Autographs when she comes with Sean! She stand on the side together with her family and Sean a few minutes and I said to my friends that she is pregnant! She was so good looking! Few minutes later I give her my collages for signing and she looks at her and was so happy to see the old pics with Nathan! She said: Ooooh that’s so nice and so much memories! Later when we stand for the photos, her husband was sitting directly for us and was babysitting!  Summer was so nicely on the photoshoot! The last Highlight was the Panel with Summer and Sean! It was a great hour for me to listen to the both! Hope to see her again soon! My dream were a big Firefly Panel!

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