Short Interview with Mymbuzz

In preparation for her visit to London for the MCM London Comicon in late May, Summer did an interview with the website In the short phone call she talked a bit about her move back to her home state and what she is planning to do in London. Check out an excerpt below and follow the link to the whole interview.

“We recently relocated back to Texas to be with my mum and do the best job I’ve ever had,” she says. “Being a mum.”

Married to actor Val Morrison, Glau gave birth to her daughter Milena in January 2015, and she’s been the focus of her life since (though she’s been tending the roses too). But she has good news for her fans: “It’s audition season and I’m out there again, so I’m as anxious to know what my next project is as everyone else.”

[Interview on]

The interviewer Dave Golder did collect a couple question from fans a couple weeks ago. However, because the interview was cut short, there aren’t so many question in there.

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Best wishes for Summer , you will be the best mum !


I’m sorry, but I find her comments funny.

She talks about acting again, yet she ran back home to Texas. Not to mention she has a major European tour coming up.

But she’s going to auditions. I’m sorry, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Actions speak louder than words.

Does she wanna be an actress or does she wanna get easy money at conventions?


There’s plenty of time between conventions for her to go to auditions. No idea why you’re being such a negative nancy about this.