A stunning new photo of Summer from a new photoshoot by Marius Luppino has popped up. The Sydney based photographer posted this  black and white portrait of Summer on his instagram account. It is even more awesome because It has been a while since we saw pictures from a photoshoot, especially in black and white. Will there be more?  Maybe, seems like he is not sure yet.

Loved pointing the lens at Summer Glau. Such a genuine person…with the cutest baby ever!!

LOL..I met and got along really well with her first…over about 2 weeks…and had NO IDEA who she was or what she was in etc. Never seen any of the shows. She was just really lovely…and her baby daughter was beyond cute and so well tempered. Just really lovely people. We spoke about my friend Naomi and Summer looked through some of her shots I’d done as she is a ballet girl too. I must watch her shows!!