For sure, stories about meeting Summer at fan convention are a kind of testimonies, as they express emotions during encounters between Summer and her fans. These stories show that during a moment, it is possible to talk freely with someone who is in a way a part of our lives through the big screen or the tv screen. Here you can read some of these stories during the 2016 edition of Dragon Con. Many thanks to Mark, Ryan and Kandace for sharing their impressions with us.








From Michael :

Amazing, she was so sweet and really appreciated her fans!


From Philipp :

I was so happy to meet her.  She took time with everyone she met.  Summer is very personable.  After our picture was taken we looked at it to make sure it was good (…).

From Josh :

It was fantastic! I chatted with her for a bit, and she is so sweet! [We talked about] how she got into character for River, and how that got her ready for any other roles.

From Stephen :

It was amazing. She was awesome.