Hey guys, I wanted to share with you stories of fans that had an amazing time meeting Summer. ( Who wouldn’t 🙂 ) Check the one from Toufik Kediha – who was so kind to share it with us – below.

Hi there 🙂 Thank you very much, i really appreciate that u shared the photo and thank you for that 🙂 Yes with pleasure, i had such an amazing time with the incredible Summer Glau who is absolutely amazing and so sweet. She really amazed me by her kindness.

Basically I was really hipped for this year’s comiccon in my hometown especially of the presence of Manu Bennett and John Barrowman whom I really wanted to meet. After an amazing encounter with the incredible Manu Bennett, I saw Summer’s booth and she stood there being so nice and cheerful by greeting her fans with such a huge smile and a natural beauty that could instantly show you of what kind of an awesome human being she really is.

Of course, I admire a lot her work, notably in Firefly, Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles and especially Arrow which I’m a huge fan! So I just went there all stressed out and not even knowing what to say. I mean come on, Summer Glau is just a front of you right and she looks so amazing. I came up and I was actually not only surprised by her greeting which was just out of this world, but also her simplicity and kindness. Even her husband came up and said Hi. The fact that I didn’t know what to say or what to do just completely faded away by her approach where she makes you feel so comfortable and completely destroys that gap or a wall between a celebrity and a simple guy like me. Basically, it was a human being talking to another and for that, I would forever be her fan…her humanity.

I started telling her how amazing, beautiful, lovely and talented she is and how much I admire not only her incredible acting, but also her flawless personality. It wasn’t like a fan going all hysteric about meeting a celebrity like I thought it would be, but more like an really good exchange. Talked about Arrow, her chemistry with Stephen Amell and of course Manu Bennett and how awesome that guy is and that she approved. Her husband saw my name and asked me what origin is it from? I told him Algerian and I was actually really impressed and really surprised that he and Summer actually knew my country and told me that we have really good food. That’s something that really warmed my heart.

She signed me an autograph by writing: «For Toufik, all my best xo» and there’s me with my friend standing there in total admiration not just for the celebrity and the actress, but the amazing human being. After the signing, her husband, a really great guy, took my phone to take a photo and then I went beside her going like: «damn I’m literally next to Summer Glau». We took two pictures together and then I gave her a big hug and she was so warm and welcoming. Told her again all my admiration for her by shaking her hand and she even gave me another hug which pretty much was like the cherry on top in a way where I was pretty much the happiest guy alive at that exact moment.

As I had to leave by thanking her for this amazing encounter and another fan was coming to greet her, she stood there waving her hand with that contagious and incredible smile that can only make you happy and alive. Her autograph and the photo will always and forever be precious. To all he fans out there who will have the chance to meet Summer Glau, trust me you will not regret it. She really is incredible and even more when you see her in person. She is amazing with her fans and if I have the chance to meet her again, I would go asap and without any hesitation. It was a tremendous, amazing, awesome, flawless, great….you name it….experience and literally one the best highlights of my day. That lady is not just only sweet, but pretty much every best quality that you can name. I appreciate her even more than before and I am so proud and honored to be her fan.

Another lovely story from Anthony.

I luckily decided to do a final look around on Saturday night at Comic-Con, check out who was left of the celebrities. I saw her and saw that she had no line and decided to walk up to the security guard and ask if I could just say hi. He quickly said no and said “it’s for security purposes”, either you pay or you can’t see ms.Glau. Obviously not one to get quickly turned down I said that pay or don’t pay, it made no sense not to let me see her. Either way, I could (but would NEVER, harm her). He continued to give me excuses and I started to lose hope but finally he said, it’s because his boss is there and he doesn’t like that. I asked him to talk to his boss and he said ok. Walking over to his boss, who was beside Summer, he asked the question and I could see the boss of the security guard shaking his head, but before he could finish, Summer and her manager quickly invited me over, smile from ear to ear and literally gesturing to me with her hands. I quickly hopped over like a child hops over to his first candy store and greeted Summer with a big hello and thank you. She was nice and warm, she radiated kindness. She asked me who I was complying and complimented me on my work. That was also amazing, being complimented by her. I went on to tell her how much I loved her work and her character(River), we talked for a minute but it felt like 10, she invited me to take a photo with her and I almost burst into rainbows aha, (photos are normally 60$ at these events, minimum). She then said thank you and I gave her a hug right before she left. Never have I been so proud to be her fan, she exudes the best of what people should be and has such sincere eyes. Aaannnnddd that is all ^.^ aha….sorry if that was too long….she’s just awesome

If you are interested in sharing your story. You know how to reach us. 😉

Update: Added Anthony’s story.