It’s the final day for Summer in Montreal and your last chance if you want to take a picture with her or get her autograph. Head over to her booth and make it count! 😀 You shouldn’t forget her panel at 2:45 pm in room 710B. Looks like people are having a great time at the convention. 🙂

For us unlucky one’s, check out some of the lovely images from today including Summer’s second photo op and panel. Hopefully we can get a video from it.

Yay! My photo with Summer GlauI got to meet Summer Glau today, so I'm happy💙Summer posing with a fanThe lovely #summerglau !!! Thank you for being so gracious and genuine and sweet! It was a dream come true to meet you!One of the best moments ever with #summerglau !!! Thank you for being so amazing!Summer posing with a fan
Summer at her panelCute little thing

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[Montreal Comic Con, Montreal, July 9-10 > Panel]

Pictures courtesy of: @vu_bobby | @cjlo1690am | @ariidesharnais | @sarahninjakitty | Nick | @charmedcrochet333 | Catherine

A few impressions from the panel:

#SummerGlau breaking my heart by discussing how season 3 of #terminatorsarahconnorchronicles would have gone – from @brianholidae

Summer Glau being sweet and funny. Telling stories about @NathanFillion – from @thegreatlea

I held him on such a pedestal. He was my hero. I never wanted to disappoint him.” – Summer Glau on @Sean_M_Maher – from @AndreeAnneHP

Some actors just make you better. He was that for me. I was swept away [in our scenes]. – Summer Glau on @frankranz in #Dollhouse – from @AndreeAnneHP

“I still can’t believe @AmyAcker did that to me! She’s SO sweet in real life!!! [laughs] We’re still friends.” – Summer Glau on #Dollhouse – from @AndreeAnneHP

That’s it for this convention guys. Hope you had an amazing time meeting Summer. Don’t hesitate to send over your story. 😉 You don’t have to wait too long to see her again though. Summer will be attending Comic Con Honolulu in a few weeks. So that’s your next chance to meet her.