Check out this cool video taken by Cristel, where Summer and Val send greetings to her brother Ian who apparently could not make it to the convention. It looks like everyone had a fun time. 😉 Kudos to both of them for taking the time to do it. It starts at 2:48.

Well the video was kind of unexpected request but someone who is as sweet as Summer Glau gave me a chance to make a surprise greetings for my brother Ian. it’s kind of a disappointment that my brother couldn’t make it to the convention to meet summer but at least he got a surprise greeting from Summer.

I suggested to summer and asked Val himself if he could get in the video with us as well. At first he rejected but because of my eagerness he finally did! Gosh! SUMMER AND VAL WAS SOO incredibly very very sweet ? It was truly worth it, got a greeting video, got a long hug from summer and yeah.. it was totally worth it