Summer did an interview with the UAE’s webzine expatwoman during her appearance at the Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) in Dubai. In this interview she talks about her first time in Middle East, how she feels when she travels around the world and how she imagine her life if she would be an expat. Finally, she speaks about her involvement in social causes.

Is the Dubai culture different than what you expected?
It’s more international than I had envisioned. I have not been to the Middle East before, this is a dream come true for me.
How do you cope with homesickness when you are travelling around the world?
I take my family with me everywhere. I think that one of the biggest luxuries of my life is that.
Did you ever wish that you could experience living abroad and being an expat?
I’ve lived away from home for months at a time, but my sisters, went away for school and I will say that for my sisters, when they moved away, they were young but they grew into women when they came back. There is something about going somewhere on your own and immersing yourself into a new culture (…)
You are known for doing a lot of social work, what got you into social work?
(…) I’m very passionate about doing my part to help hospitals and other foundations (…). I try to help out as much as I can and I think the greatest blessing is, how much you can contribute to the community. I think it’s very important.

For the full interview follow the link to expatwoman.

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