It’s done. The second season of Arrow just ended and it ended with a bang … but not with Summer unfortunately. The promo videos and images already suggested that it might not end so well for Summer’s character, but it didn’t say that she was only for about a fraction on this episode. Sad to see that she left the show this way. 🙁 She had some awesome moments in this season and it was great to see her playing a business woman first and a bad girl later. 🙂 She definitely played her character with a lot of joy and passion.

What do you think about this episode and her appearance on this show in general? Anyway, you can find the few images of Summer as Ravager below and in the gallery.

Summer as Ravager in ArrowSummer as Ravager in ArrowSummer as Ravager in Arrow

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One last time you can find a short video from tonights episode below. For more check out the video section.

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