Another episode packed with action just ended and it was a pleasure to see Summer back as Ravager kicking some butt. The great fight scene with Diggle that started last week continued and … you better see for yourself. 🙂 Even though Summer was only in a few scenes, she did a wonderful job and it was awesome to see her playing the bad girl with so much joy. What are your thoughts on tonights episode ? However. below are a few caps from Streets of Fire. For the rest, check out the gallery.

Summer as Ravager in ArrowSummer as Ravager in ArrowSummer as Ravager in Arrow

[Streets of Fire Caps]

As always, here is a short clip of the fight scene with Diggle from tonights episode. Fore more check out the video section.

[Arrow Clips]

Only one episode left this season. So you better don’t miss next weeks final episode “Unthinkable”.