Summer as Isabel RochevThe guys over at greenarrowtv did interviews with the cast and crew of Arrow. Amongst them also executive producer Andrew Kreisberg who talks about the upcoming season.

Kreisberg also speaks about Summer and her character Isabel Rochev, the tension between her and Oliver Queen, her goals…and a possible romance. Check out the excerpt below and follow the link to the complete interview. If you haven’t seen season one, you should consider skipping this interview because it contains spoilers.

[…] What’s really funny about Summer – and she even said this to me — she’s like ‘I’ve never played anybody like this before. When do I get to punch somebody?’ What’s interesting about Summer’s character is that even though Isabel Rochev is a character from the comic books, she’s actually a nemesis of Oliver Queen’s far more than she’s a nemesis of The Arrow’s. One of the story arcs this season is that the company that Summer represents is trying to take over Queen Consolidated, because Queen Consolidated took a massive PR hit, considering that they were the company that built the machine that killed 503 people. So Oliver really has to step in and become The CEO. With Summer there’s a lot of banter, and jousting, and sparks flying, and anger, and yelling… it’s sort of a fun, different dynamic than we’ve ever had on the show,” he says.

Will those sparks mean romance? “‘Sparks fly’ doesn’t mean that people are gonna get together,” […]