Great news for all fans. Summer will guest star in more than one episode of Alphas as Skylar Adams. The official press release reveals that she will guest star in 3 episodes of the upcoming second season of Alphas which will have its premiere on July 23 at 10pm ET/PT on Syfy.

Currently we don’t know in which episodes she will guest star, but it looks like that it will start with episode 6 which is called ‘Alphaville’ and possible the last 2 episodes of the season.

From the press release:

[…]Summer Glau (Dollhouse, Firefly) who was a fan favorite last season playing an Alpha, Skylar Adams, will return for three episodes.[…] Summer Glau reprises her season one role as Skylar Adams, an Alpha who possesses a 200+ IQ and is an electronics mastermind.[…]

Source: SyFy Press Release