Question: Do we have to beg for some Big Bang Theory spoilers? Because I will beg. — Irrel
Ausiello: Begging works. I’ve got additional deets about Summer Glau’s hilarious sounding Amtrak run-in with Leonard & Co. in the March 9 episode courtesy of exec producer Bill Prady: “For the guys, there’s probably no more awesome sci-fi female to encounter than Summer Glau, with her nerd-cred times four. Normally, these guys might only have a split-second autograph encounter with her at Comic-Con, but now they have 11 hours to get up the courage to talk to her — and she’s sitting alone! Of course, Sheldon does offer a word of caution: If Terminators actually did exist, a perfect way they could lull victims into a false sense of security would be to pose as actors who have played Terminators.” ROFWLOLOMGILOVEIT!