Hello again folks,

Sorry for last week’s little disappearing act. My host’ server crashed.

I’ve relocated the website to Fan-Sites.org. They’ve been wonderful to me; accepting my website right away and making everything work real fast.

This crash was totally unforeseen and I did not have a complete backup of the whole website.
Before everything went pitch-black I managed to save a couple files and something like 90% of the images.

You can find below a state of things.
Thank you for your patience and understanding…


Luckily between Tobi and I we had lots of bitses and pieces here and there, so I’ve been able to reconstruct a good part of the website already (all the original pages / posts / comments were lost).


It is still inaccessible for the moment. I managed to save everything but the 4400 and SCC screencaps. I’m re-uploading what I have and will re-do the screencaps ASAP.It’s going to take me a little while to reload everything (gallery weights about 2Go), but it should be up and running by the end of the week.


That part was unfortunately completely lost. I still have a copy somewhere on a disk of all the wallpapers and most recent fanart. Most of the videos are lost.
It might take me a little while longer to have this section back, as I want to try using a new program, something with .flv files which are very small files.