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Couple days ago, Summer had phone interviews with several magazines in preparation of the season final of Alphas. We got a couple infos over twitter, but now IGN has posted the complete interview with her.

In this really great interview, Summer talks about how it feels to play a mom and Skyler who played her daughter in the show. She also talks about why the producers gave her character Skyler more mental than physical powers and of course the nice terminator reference in the last episode. :) Because we have the 10 anniversary of Firefly, she also talks about Joss (including S.H.I.E.L.D.) and the wonderful Firefly reunion panel at the San Diego Comic Con.

Follow the link and head over to IGN for the complete interview.

[Interview on IGN]

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The official Alphas account @AlphasSyFy has confirmed that Summer will be tweeting live through this account next Monday. So don’t forget to have a look at it from time to time. :) We will collect the tweets and post them, so that you don’t miss anything.

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According to @AzitaGhanizada Summer may tweet live during the season final of Alphas next Monday. And no, that doesn’t mean that she has a twitter account. If she decides to tweet, she will use the official Alphas @AlphasSyfy account.

Nothing is set in stone and we hope nobody is trying to force her to anything she doesn’t want, but if you decide to watch Alphas (we hope you do), pay attention to the official Alphas twitter account. :) We will keep you posted on anything new.

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Science Channel has released a new video from the Browncoats Unite documentary: enjoy!


Caps are in the gallery.

[Access Gallery]

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Summer and producer Bruce Miller gave phone interviews today in preparation of the season final of Alphas. Here is what we got from various twitter feeds. It was mainly about Alphas but she also spoke about Help for Holiday, which she recently finished and Knights of Badassdom We will add more infos when they arrive.

From Jamie Ruby :

About Alphas

  • – Summer was attracted to the role of Skylar because she was a mother, which she’s not played before
  • – One of biggest challenges is that being a mother doesn’t come easy to Skylar, she’s used to being alone
  • Bruce Miller (executive producer) would love to have Summer Glau as part of an Alphas web series!
  • – He said it was great to see Summer Glau play a different side than tough women like she is used to
  • – He would love to do longer stories about Skylar and Zoe – great relationship you could build a show around
  • – Summer said Erin Way has been such a blessing – she loves working with girls & finding friendships through work
  • – She is going to yoga with Erin soon. :)
  • – She & Erin realized how much they have in common – she respects her; she’s a phenomenal actress
  • – Being on set with Skyler Wexler (Zoey) was a special experience for her & hopes to work with her again
  • – Summer was hopeful that Alphas would go on – she loves sticking with a character & getting to watch them evolve. She’s been so blessed
  • – She also commented on the terminator comment from this week’s episode
  • – She would be very excited to come back next season
  • – She has always found in sci-fi the roles of women are exciting & outside the box
  • – Summer & Bruce Miller talked about a scene that involves all the girls & it made her realize how happy she is to be there
  • – Coming from being a dancer, it was a great way to transition to acting through physical roles
  • – “I do get jealous some times when I don’t get to throw any punches…but Skylar’s a badass in other ways”
  • – Skylar realized that she needed help, the vulnerable position is a transition & it can be beneficial 2 be part of a team
  • – Skylar will become a part of the team
  • – Summer said that Johnny Pyper-Ferguson (Stantion Parish) is so charismatic & she finds his character fascinating, he conveys it with grace and she couldn’t picture anyone but him in the role. He as a quiet intensity, is compelling and not just black & white
  • – She would love to come back to Alphas she loves working with the cast
  • About Help for Holidays / KOB

  • – She just finished a Hallmark Christmas movie that will be coming out also Knights of Badassdom.
  • – The Hallmark film was very different for her & fun; she’s always wanted to do one
  • – That she plays an elf in the movie
  • – about KOB, it’s live action creating in the moment. she & ryan would make some choreography
  • – Said that she is not the best at “Larping” and Peter Dinklage is great
  • General

  • – Summer will be visiting her hometown soon.
  • – She got a “little bit over excited” seeing the cast of Game of Thrones at the Comic Con
  • – Summer would take any opportunity to get back together with the Firefly cast & crew
  • – She hasn’t been approached for a Syfy Saturday movie
  • – Bruce Miller said it was a blessing that SyFy let Eureka be its own self (only regret is they never had Summer Glau on it)
  • – about the voicing Supergirl : It is very different than filming and she didn’t know what it would be like. It was an addicting experience to strip all but voice. It was very challenging
  • – Funny note : she can barely program her garage remote – is “gadget challenged”
  • – Skylar who provides the props helps her to understand the tech because it doesn’t come naturally to her
  • – Bruce Miller remembers Summer asking him what voltage meant. But he believes her on the show so she’s a great actress
  • – He said that Summer’s natural curiosity allows her to be a better Skylar
  • About Alphas (Bruce Miller)

  • – the finale is incredibly surprising and unpredictable sets up an amazing season 3
  • – the finale will be “great” – everything that you think they never actually go there, they go there
  • There will be a more complete interview published soon on so stay tuned. It also looks like that she will give more interviews so you can also send in question to Jamie Steinberg from the starrymag.

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    Syfy has released the promo for the last episode of season 2 of Alphas titled God’s eye. As you probably know, Summer will also guest star in the season final which airs next Monday at 8/7 on SyFy.

    So only one more week till Summer is back on our screen. :) Unfortunately, we don’t know if Alphas will get a third season.

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    That was an exciting episode tonight and it was great to see Summer back as Skylar. The apartment run scene was really creepy. In general the scenes with Zoe were awesome and its always nice to see her playing a mother. The dress she wore was lovely and all terminator fans were happy about a nice reference. :) Can’t wait to see the season final next week. Hopefully everyone will switch on the TV.

    As always here are the caps from this episode. A few clips will follow soon.

    Update: Here is a clip from tonights episode. Check out the video section for more.

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    Just a couple hours left till Summer is finally back on our screen. To get you ready for tonights episode of Alphas, io9 has posted a sneak peek with Summer. I hope that everyone is excited and will watch tonights episode. :)

    Summer Glau has a new catchphrase, “Happiness is a warm gun” — and the resourcefulness to back it up, in this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode of Alphas. Too bad she’s up against someone who has special abilities of his own — and she’s trapped in an inescapable maze thingy. How will Summer Glau rescue her daughter and win her freedom? We’ll all find out tonight at 8 PM EST/PST on Syfy — but I’m just guessing it’ll involve building more improvised weaponry.

    Don’t forget that Summer will also return for the last episode God’s eye next Monday.

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    Great news for the end of this weekend. According to the the official lohg twitter. The legend of hell’s gate won at the 2012 Almeria Western Film Festival in Spain. In lohg – which had its premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival back in 2011 – Summer portrayed the role Maggie Moon.

    Congratulations to cast and crew. :)

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    Just hours away from the Firefly reunion special at the New York City Comic Con, EW has the first scenes from the reunion special that will air on the Science Channel.

    According to EW, several cast members should be at the New York Comic Con for the panel at 6:15 pm tomorrow. Currently we don’t know who is going to be there, but maybe Summer will attend the panel so come back later and we might have a couple images of Summer :) The Browncoats Unite special itself airs on November 11 at 10 pm.

    Panels at the NYCC will be available via stream so you can watch the panel by visiting the official website.

    Source: EW

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