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Jul 20 Alphas – Summer On Set 13
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There is a first image of Summer on the set for the second season of Alphas along with Azita Ghanizada who is playing Rachel Pirzad, a character that has the ability to enhance one sense while rendering her remaining senses temporarily useless. Currently they are shooting the last episodes for the second season which will air on July 23 and Summer looks incredible as always. :)

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Jul 19 SDCC – More Videos 8
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There are a 2 more video from the Comic con online. Syfy finally uploaded the complete Alphas panel. Be warned, it may contain spoilers. Summer enters the room at about 24:20 m.

There is also a video of Summer before the con where she takes the time to sign some autographs for fans.

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Jul 16 Alphas – Season 2 preview with Summer 9
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There is a short preview of Alphas online that sums up what happened in season 1 and shows whats coming in season 2. At 2:20 min you can see a short glimpse of Summer as Skylar Adams, this time without her tattoos.

Summer mentioned in the Alphas panel, that Skylar is growing up and her priorities are changing. Maybe the new look does reflect that. What you think ?

Don’t forget season 2 of Alphas will premiere on July 23 at 10/9c on Syfy.

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Jul 15 SDCC – Alphas Panel Video 14
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There is a short video from the Alphas panel online where Summer talks about her character and what is going to happen with Skylar on this season. Maybe we will find a couple more. Thanks to formytots for the video. :)

Couple images from the panel are in the gallery. Enjoy :)

Update: added another clip from SyFy.

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Jul 14 SDCC – Interviews 5
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To keep it a bit organized we will post all the interviews from the convention in this post.

Starting with an interview from Entertainment Weekly. Its a very short one and at the end they get the question íf there is one thing about their characters they wish they had the chance to do, where everyone answers “make out with Morena”, except Summer who says… see for yourself. :) Caps from the video are up in the gallery. Just follow the link below the video.

Second interview was with MTV Geek. They talk about the fans that lined up before the panel and the question they asked the fans at the panel. They also talk about how it is to be part of a series that is so iconic. One question is: if there would be another Firefly project what would it be ?. There are a couple more questions about the comic books , “F” words and more. So check out the video. :)

Here are a few great images from the interview. The rest is in the gallery. :)

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Jul 14 SDCC – Alphas Panel With Summer 2
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Great surprise. Summer was not only for the Firefly anniversary panel in San Diego. She is also at the Alphas panel today and talks about her role as Skylar Adams and that it has been a special experience for her because its the first time she could play a mother.

In the new season we get to see what happened to Skylar after last season and will see where her loyalties are. Summer will reprise her role in 3 episodes this season, episode 6, 12 and 13. So we get to see her in the finale. We have a couple images from the panel and hope to have more soon.

IF you want to get more information about the characters and whats going on in season 2, you can check out alphastv. Be warned, it contains a lot of spoilers.

Pictures courtesy of: @Luckypantaloons / @nikki_griffin / @nazpyro

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Jul 14 SDCC – Firefly Anniversary Press Conference 7
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There was also a press conference that started after the reunion panel. Most of the time Joss is speaking but Summer gets asked if there is a untold story besides flying the ship and she answers thats all she ever wanted. :)These 3 videos should cover the whole conference.

As always, caps from these videos are up in the gallery.

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Jul 13 SDCC – Nerd HQ Panel With Summer 6
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Former Chuck actor Zachary Levi is hosting the Nerd HQ panel at each Comic Con in San Diego where he invites actors and where everything will be donated for a good cause. This time there was a mysterious panel and because Summer liked that it was for a good cause, she shortly agreed to attend the panel where all of the proceeds will benefit “Operation smile“. With Summer were also Firefly colleague Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion, former The Event actor Jason Ritter and Scott Wolf who is known for his role as Chad Decker in V.

The whole panel should be available soon on
There were a couple of questions and one of them was, how she keeps her hair so great. (She doesn’t spent so much time outside the TV Guide yacht). When asked about sharing stories about fans trying to pick her up like in the Big Bang theory, she politely said that she will never share the moments when she meets her fans and wants to keep that a secret. Summer also said that the characters she plays never have a boyfriend.

A strange moment was when a fan asked her out for a date. When asked what kind of nerd she is, Summer revealed that she is nerdy about almost everything but most about gardening. When asked about what character she would like to play she said thats a tough question and she has to pass that one. The final question was about what kind of Firefly character she would play and Summer said that she went after Allen’s job first and that Nathan is the next. :)

OK enough words, here are caps from the panel. Enjoy. :)

I’m sure there are a couple more questions or moments to share, so hopefully the video will be up soon. :)

Update: Added one part of the video.
Update #2: The full panel is now available.

Here is what Operation Smile is about:

Operation Smile mobilizes a world of generous hearts to heal children’s smiles and transform lives across the globe.
We believe that all children deserve to live their lives with dignity. And for those suffering from cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformities, dignity begins with a smile.
Driven by our universal compassion for children, we work worldwide to repair childhood facial deformities by delivering safe, effective surgical care directly to patients. The global partnerships we create, the knowledge we share and the infrastructure we build leave a legacy that lives well beyond our medical missions, making a lasting difference in our world.

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Jul 13 SDCC – Firefly Panel Video 6
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There is a short video of the Firefly panel online that covers the first 3 minutes and shows Joss Whedon’s speech where he addresses all the fans of the show.

Hopefully we will find a few more video from the panel.

Update: Added the complete panel video. Thanks to Christian. Follow the link to the HTML5 version.[Here]

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Jul 13 SDCC – Panel Images And More 5
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The first day of the San Diego Comic Con started with the amazing Firefly anniversary panel and The first images of Summer and the (almost complete) cast are up. We hope to find a couple more images and some impressions from the panel and will update this post constantly. So don’t forget to come back later. :)

It’s been 10 years since Firefly started. How was it for you to see the crew back together? OK, enough words, here are some absolutely stunning images of Summer.

As always, if you have pictures and want to share them, don’t hesitate to send them to us. :)


  • It looks like that Summer was so touched that she started crying when Joss came to the panel.
  • Nathan Fillion, Joss Whedon & Summer Glau broke down in tears when they heard the fan support at the panel
  • Summer Glau on how to play River: “Remembering what I was like at 17. Which was 2 years before. That’s it.

Io9 has some infos from the panel and entertainment weekly a small trans script.

Firefly changed the ‘verse forever — and now, the ten-year reunion just happened at San Diego Comic Con. Joss Whedon looked at his asssembled castmembers and said, “These are the best meat puppets I’ve ever controlled.” High praise indeed.

So now that Joss Whedon has directed one of the most successful films of all time, what’s next for Firefly? Whedon quipped that he’d rather do a radio show than an animated series — and hilariously, Nathan Fillion acted out performing in a Firefly radio program. But mostly, Whedon said there’ll be a lot more comics ahead — the Shepherd Book origins story A Shepherd’s Tale is one of the most successful Dark Horse Comics titles of all time, and Whedon and his brother Zak have discussed some “crazy cool shit.”

Also, Whedon said that if he’d known he’d only get one season of Firefly, he would have delved deeper into the Blue Sun conspiracy. And if he’d played out the events of Serenity on television, he might not have killed off as many characters.

And here are a few more. Follow the links to the rest.[Click here] and [here].

It’s so… Summer is so crazy. The amount of vulnerability and strength she can convey is beyond magnetic. I look at her and think I will come with her if I want to live.”

Images courtesy of: @JoseMolinaTV

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