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Apr 13 New Layout 26
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Who said only bad things happen on Friday 13th…

To celebrate springtime: here’s version 18 of which is a bit brighter and sunnier than the last one :)
I hope you will enjoy it.

Give me a bit to fix the last glitches and bugs.
Wish you all a great weekend!

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Apr 12 Interview with the Age Magazine 2
Filed in: Interviews

There is a new phone interview that Summer did with “the age” magazine. This time its a bit longer. :)

Summer talks about how she feels about conventions and that its a great way to say thank you to the people that supports her. She also talks about her time as a ballet dancer, her acting career and how she approaches the roles she plays, Joss Whedon and more. Follow the link to the whole interview.

[Interview at]

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Apr 11 LOHG – DVD Release in Australia + Slovakia 8
Filed in: Legend of Hell's Gate

Great news for all Australian fans. The Legend of Hell’s Gate will be available in Australia on DVD May, 24. You can preorder the movie online at for $24.99.

Currently the movie can be seen in various theaters in Texas. If you want to know where, check out the previous post.

The US DVD and Blu-ray should be available on June 5. Thanks to Christian for the heads up.

The DVD will also be released in Slovakia this April and you can preorder it on for € 6,97.

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Apr 10 Short Interview With Summer 7
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The Telegraph did a short telephone interview with Summer where she talks about her first convention, how she started her acting career and about the casting for TSCC.

I didn’t know what to expect at all,” she says on the line from Los Angeles. “You never know what people are going to ask you to sign or what costumes they will turn up in.
When you’re first starting out as an actress you audition for everything and you never know what’s going to hit,” she says. “And my first job was with Joss Whedon.
I did not want to go to the audition and my mum got really upset and yelled at me and said, ‘Get your rear end in the car! You’re an actress, go and audition.

You can find the the whole interview at the dailytelegraph.

Posted at 7:15 am Author: Norman 7 Comments

Apr 10 Supanova – Autograph & Photo Guide 1
Filed in: Convention

The organizers of the Supanova Expo have put together a guide with details about the photo ops and autograph session and how they work. Most of it is pretty basic, but it has also some interesting details.
Photo Ops:

  • Purchase a Token for the photo(s) with the Supa-Star(s) you would like from the Supanova Store.
  • The photo session time is printed on the Token you purchase.
  • Set your alarm or your use Guidebook app to remind you prior the session so you don’t forget or miss out.
  • Make sure you line up 30 minutes before your session at Roy’s Photo Studio.
  • Hand your Token to the assistant at Roy’s Photo Studio as you enter the photobooth.
  • Get your Photo taken with the guest.
  • Collect your Photo at the allocated time as indicated by Roy’s Photo Studio staff.
  • Photos are taken by Supanova’s Professional Photographer and include one (1) print per token with a maximum of two (2) fans per photo.
  • Please note that Photo-Op fees do not include an Autograph. To get your Photo signed, you must have a Autograph token.

    As a special apology to all Whedonverse fans we’re offering up to ALL Supanova patrons, a special Serenity Sirens photo op with Morena and Summer. That’s you in between the two screen goddesses at no extra charge other than the usual price of a photo with each of them.

Autograph session:

  • Purchase a Token for the autograph(s) of the Supa-Star(s) you would like from the Supanova Store. Autograph fee includes a complimentary print from one of their productions, if required, for them to sign. Alternatively, you can supply your own item, one (1) per Token to be signed. Please make sure that the item is from a production relevant to the guest. ~
  • Take the Token to the Supa-Star Signing Area and queue for your turn.
  • Hand over the Token to the Supa-Star’s assistant and present your item to be signed.

Tokens are NOT REFUNDABLE if you do not redeem them during your nominated photo session. Consider Tokens as if they’re CASH as they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

You can purchase a photos for $50 and autographs for $40. Fore more information check out their website. For Summer’s schedule check out the previous post.

Posted at 7:01 am Author: Norman 1 Comments

Apr 6 Win a signed picture 3
Filed in: Contest

Our friends at are having a giveaway right now and you’re all invited to try your luck.
This is a great chance to get a signed picture by Summer.


Creating an acount is required to participate. It’s just a failsade to keep  people from entering several times.
Good luck everyone!

Posted at 4:47 am Author: Cristelle 3 Comments

Apr 5 Supanova Melbourne – Eventguide Online 2
Filed in: Convention

The Supanova expo has released an event guide [PDF] for the event in Melbourne which is from April 14-15. Everyone who plans to attend the con should check it out.

We know from previous conventions how long Summer’s queues for photo ops and autographs sessions can be. So its a good start to already plan what you want to see.

The guide has a map where you can find all the important places like the photo boot and the autograph area along with all times.

There is also a guidebook app available for android and ios.

[Guidebook Android]
[Guidebook IOS]

Summer’s schedule for photo ops, panels and autograph sessions has already been released here.

Posted at 6:26 am Author: Norman 2 Comments

Apr 2 ECCC – Video of Summer’s Panel 21
Filed in: Convention , Gallery , Video

Here is the full video of Summer’s panel at this years Emerald City Comiccon divided into 4 parts.

The panel was really interesting and we got a lot of great information ,like that she likes the show Modern Family, or how she picks her roles. Great news are also that she is coming back to Alphas. Her new show Scent of the Missing is waiting to get picked up by TNT and fingers crossed that it will happen. She also talks about her time on Grey’s Anatomy. Completely new is also that she auditioned for a role in the movie Black Swan that unfortunately didn’t get picked up.

Summer also reveals how a season 3 of TSCC would have looked like (Summer would play Allison most of the time and you would see Cameron in Flashbacks). Her early acting days, Firefly, the relationship to her fans and much more is discussed in the panel. There is also a certain cook book mentioned, that was made for her birthday. :)

Update: Added more images + caps from the panel.

Here is another video from the panel and it looks like that this one covers the full panel.

Posted at 6:03 am Author: Norman 21 Comments

Apr 1 ECCC Day 3 – Pictures From The Panel & More 8
Filed in: Convention , Gallery

Last day of the Emerald City Comiccon and here are a couple images from Summer’s panel and more from her photo/autograph session. Summer’s queue was again insanely long. We collected some impressions from the panel.

  • Because its April 1st, the moderator made a joke about Summer had to leave.
  • Summer about LARPing: “LARPing is dangerous.LARPing is no joke.”
  • Summer on playing River: “came pretty naturally, actually.”
  • She says that every acting job is a learning experience.
  • “I’m definitely not a genius and definitely not…good at martial arts, but… [River] was just a part of me.” (I think we all slightly disagree here. :) )

Enough words, here are the images. :)

How was the con for everyone and how was it to meet Summer? Any interesting and funny stories to share? Put them in the comments. We will update the post with new images when they arrive. If you have some, don’t hesitate to send them. :)

Posted at 7:36 pm Author: Norman 8 Comments

Mar 31 Images of Summer at Emerald City Comiccon 11
Filed in: Convention , Gallery

Here are the first images of Summer at this years Emerald City Comiccon. Doesn’t she look lovely? We will upload more pictures during the weekend, so don’t forget to come back later. :)

From what we’ve read so far, Summer’s queue for autograph/photo ops is one of the longest. So if you want to get an autograph or photo, you should get to her table asap.

If you have images and want to share them don’t hesitate to send a mail. We would love to post more pictures. :)

Pictures courtesy of: evan belknap / Brianna

Posted at 3:24 pm Author: Norman 11 Comments

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