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We haven’t heard much about Knights of Badassdom lately, but it looks like that it will not hit the theaters this year. There are no official details about the release yet, but John Couture from had a chat will the CEO of IndieVest who said that they plan to release the movie in the first half of 2013. Currently we also don’t know if its a limited or wide release.

According to Mr. Bradley, Knights of Badassdom is going to be released theatrically in “the first half of 2013.” When I pressed him for specifics on the release strategy (limited vs. wide release, etc.), he said that the results from test screenings would dictate how wide of a release it would ultimately get.
That being said, he was confident that the film would test well and get a proper theatrical release. He said that “the fans will be well-rewarded for their wait.”


So let’s hope that we don’t have to wait much longer to see Summer back on the big screen.

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Thanks to make-up artist, Michael Spezzano, here’s the very first look at Summer on ‘Helping for the Holidays’.
We already knew she plays an elf, but here’s a glimpse at her pointy ears…

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Tonights episode of Alphas is over and it was exciting to see Summer back as Skylar. There were some great scenes with her and Zoe and it was great to see her in a role of a mother. We also got to know were Skylar’s tattoos went. :) Summer’s performance was incredible and we had an interesting cliff hanger at the end of the episode.

Unfortunately we now have to wait until episode 12 and 13 to see her back on our screen. What do you guys think about tonight episode ?

HD Caps are in the gallery and some clips will follow soon.

Here is a clip, for the rest go to the video section.

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Syfy has posted a sneak peek video of tonights episode Alphaville. The video focuses on Skylar and her encounter with Scipio (Elias Toufexis), when she tries to rescue her daughter.

Here is another clips from tonight.

Just a couple hours left. So don’t forget to tune in. :)

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Syfy’s posted a picture of Summer and Ryan Cartwright on tonight’s episode of ‘Alphas’.

Don’t forget to tune in for the episode 8/7c, on Syfy.

The website has also collected information about tonights episode, but they contain lots of spoilers!

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

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There is a nice article about Summer online where she talks about season 1 and also season 2 of Alphas and her role as Skylar Adams. Summer also talks about the change of Skylar’s look and some other interesting details. But that’s not all, she also speaks about her time on TSCC , Firefly and Angel.

Here some excerpts about Alphas:

In this episode we’re currently working on, I’m wearing the same shoes as I did in season one,” notes Glau with a smile. “I love them and they’re a perfect fit. I worked with [series costume designer] Susie Coulthard on my characters clothes. I wanted to bring back a few of the pieces I wore last year because I felt like it made sense. Then I saw little Skylar and they had bought her the same dress that Zoe wore last year, only the next size up. That was really sweet and it just makes this all feel much more real.

Although my character is wearing some of the same things that she did in season one, we’ve gone ahead and changed her overall look. She’s living in Alphaville now, which is a game-changer for her. So you’re going to see a different look to Skylar this time around because she wants to blend in. It’s always a surprise with her, and it’s going to be interesting to see how she reacts to being part of a community. Skylar has always been alone, on the run and hiding, so this is quite a different scenario and it’s going to be, I think, an exciting episode for the viewers.

For the rest follow the link to the complete article.

[Interview on scifiandtvtalk]

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Just posted 2 new pictures of Summer from the photoshoot she did in 2010 for Joan Allen.

Joan also spoke with Summer today about a new photo shoot. So stay tuned. :)

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Hello everyone,

Here’s your chance to win a copy of Joss Whedon’s cult film “Serenity” featuring Summer in the iconic role of River Tam.
We are giving away 1 Blu-Ray of the film, from the exclusive  Universal 100th Anniversary Edition, which comes in a lovely Steelbook.
[More Info]

WINNER: Trevor Livingston

Rules are as usual:

  • the contest is open to everyone no matter where you reside
  • one entry per person (cheaters will be disqualified)
  • last day to enter is : September 17, 2012.

How to participate: simple

  • just send me an email labelled “Contest Serenity” (to webmaster @
  • include your full name
  • and the answer to the following question: what is the name of the planet River Tam whispers in the bar?

Good luck everyone!

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Syfy has released a promo for the upcoming episode 6 Alphaville with Summer as guest star. Summer will also return for the episodes 12 and 13 of this season.

Short synopsis:

When Rosen enlists Skylar’s help to decode Parish’s Alpha enhancing technology the consequences could be deadly. Skyler, a tech whiz who helps Rosen to learn the purpose of an Alpha-enhancing technology.

Don’t forget to turn on your TV next Monday when Alphas airs at 8/7c and the rerun at 10/9 on Syfy :)

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Actress Azita Ghanizada who plays Rachel on Alphas did an interview with IGN’s Channel Surfing Podcast #178. In this interview she talks also about Summer’s return as Skylar and reveals some infos about the plot of episode 6 Alphaville. Here is an excerpt from the interview with the parts about Summer. Attention, it contains spoilers!

If you want to hear the full interview, follow the link to the Channel Surfing Podcast.

[Channel Surfing Podcast #178]

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