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Apr 27 Supanova Melbourne : Longer Video of the Panel 2
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There is a new videos of Summer’s panel from the Supanova Melbourne online. It does not cover the whole panel, but the first 18 minutes.

As we heard before Summer has a doc named Stanley. On the panel she talks about how she rescued him. She also speaks about the shooting of the music video, her favorite tscc and firefly episode, how she prepared for her role as River and her character Skylar on Alphas.

Check out a previous post for another video.

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Apr 22 Supanova Gold Coast – Images From Day 3 7
Filed in: Convention , Gallery

The last day of the Supanova Expo in Gold Coast is over and here are images from todays photo session. We hope everyone had a blast meeting Summer. We will continue updating the gallery, so don’t forget to come back later. :)

Update: +16 images from the panel

Pictures courtesy of: @CAPSALLTHETIME / @jerryfetus / Greg Conroy / @Angel_Fallen

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Apr 21 First Images of Summer at Supanova Gold Coast 2
Filed in: Convention , Gallery

The first images of Summer from the Supanova Expo in Gold Coast are up and she looks as lovely as always. :) One more day before the convention is over, so if you want to meet Summer, you better get to the con asap. More images will be uploaded when they arrive.

Update: +1 image from the panel

Pictures Courtesy of: @markbicsak / @PaniaHeyer / Pete Ryan / Pat Gallagher

As always, if you have pictures you want to share, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to post them. :) Want to share your story? Put them in the comments to let us know how it was meeting Summer.

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Apr 20 Interview with ABC Brisbane 5
Filed in: Interviews

Summer did a phone interview with Kelly Higgins-Devine from the ABC Brisbane Radio where she talked about her past work and the impact that Firefly had, future projects like Knights of Badassdom and how Joss Whedon changed her life. She also spoke about her time in Australia and the experience with fans.

Source: ABC Brisbane

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Apr 18 LOHG – US DVD Release 2
Filed in: Legend of Hell's Gate

Legend of Hell’s Gate will be released on DVD on June 19, 2012 in the US for $26.98

Bonus features on the discs will include deleted scenes and a photo gallery.

[More Info]

Posted at 11:52 pm Author: Cristelle 2 Comments

Apr 16 Supanova Gold Coast – Eventguide Online 4
Filed in: Convention

The Supanova expo has released an event guide [PDF] for the first event in Gold Coast which is from April 21-22. Like the Melbourne Event Guide, it has a map with locations for autograph and photo area, including the timetable for the photo session. So if you plan to go to the convention, you better check it out.

A version for the guidebook app will be released later this week. For Summer’s schedule check out the previous post.

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Apr 15 Legend of Hell’s Gate doing well in Texas 0
Filed in: Legend of Hell's Gate , Magazine

Here’s an interesting article on Summer’s latest movie “Legend of Hell’s Gate”.
It comes from a Texan magazine and it’s interesting to learn that the movie is doing really well there.

“It was really cool,and I’ve said this a lot,” said Beard, “to have a movie made by Texans, for Texans in Texas about Texas.”

And so far, Texans seem to love it.

The premiere in Graham sold out in minutes.

[Read the Article]

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Apr 15 Supanova Melbourne Day 3 – More Images 6
Filed in: Convention , Gallery

Last day of Supanova is over and here is a lovely image of Summer from the autograph session. Also uploaded more images from yesterday, including an extreme cute image with the probably youngest fan. :) We will update the post when more pictures arrive.

We hope that everyone who attended the convention had fun meeting Summer and if you have great stories or pictures you want to share don’t hesitate to write it in the comments. Next stop will be the Supanova in Gold.Coast.

Pictures courtesy of: @broken_lovatic / Kali Vippond / @Deensey

Posted at 3:48 am Author: Norman 6 Comments

Apr 14 Supanova Melbourne – Video of Summer’s Panel 4
Filed in: Convention , Video

There is a great video online which covers a couple minutes of Summer’s panel at the Supanova in Melbourne.

Summer reveals that she has now a little dog and talks a bit about him. She also speaks about how she came to shoot the music video for Keith Urban’s song ‘Long Hot Summer’ and that a dream came true, because she could play herself in the clip. We also get to know that she is a country music fan, what dance classes she visits and more. Check out this lovely video. :)

Posted at 8:27 am Author: Norman 4 Comments

Apr 13 First Images of Summer at Supanova Melbourne 4
Filed in: Convention , Gallery

Here they are, the first images of Summer at this years Supanova Expo in Melbourne. Like the ECCC, Summer’s lines for autographs and photos are extreme long and she looks stunning as always. We will update this post, so don’t forget to come back later. :)

We also got some infos from her panel.

  • She says Joss Whedon is her No 1 & her mentor.
  • She says that Joss is one of the most secretive writers she has ever worked with. “You never knew what was going to happen week to week.”

One more day for the Supanova in Melbourne and if you want to share things like pictures or stories from the con. Don’t hesitate to post it in the comments or send a mail. :)

Picture courtesy of: @Y_StrahovskiFan / @cooljames27 / ijustwant

Posted at 11:20 pm Author: Norman 4 Comments

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