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Since Nathan Fillion has joined the Ottawa Comic Con, there has been an update on the panels. As you may expect, Nathan will be joining Summer and Jewel on the panel on Saturday at 11.30 AM. You have also the chance to get a photo will all 3 of them for $150. So far a time hasn’t been set up for this. Note that Summer’s on site photo op price is $60 instead of $50. So you better get them now.

The convention has also published the schedule for their guests including Summer’s. You can find there all of her photo op and autograph session times, so that you don’t miss her. :) Click on this link to see the schedule for all guests.

Summer's schedule

That’s a great mini Firefly reunion, isn’t it ? Now we definitely want some pictures. :)

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The Peter Panzerfaust panel at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo had a view more Infos about the making of the motion comic. Here are the parts about Summer’s recording.

Q: VO for animation.
E: Eljah Wood as Peter, Summer Glau as Wendy, Ron Perlman as Hook, and Dante Basco. Orchard scene sounds v. promising.
Q: As far as VO work goes. Did any actors bring anything special to character that you weren’t expecting?
E: Ron read lines in three different voices—his own voice, British, and German accent. German accent was perfect. Elijah got it right off the bat. Understood the character. Summer brought a sense of vulnerability and really got into character. She just let go and poured everything into it. She definitely teared up a few times. /Applause in the booth after an orchard scene reading b/c so emotional. / I was amazed she was able to deliver so many lines with such range.

Sounds like Wendy experiences a wide range of emotions and Summer’s performance was fabulous. Makes the wait for the comic even harder. You can follow the link to the whole transcript of the panel.

The teaser seems to be really good, so hopefully we can add it later.

Kurtis Wiebe has posted an article on his blog and thanks all the fans for the support.

[…]But, at the end of the day, it was the lightbulb moment about Peter Panzerfaust that will make it a very special one. And really, that’s all because of the people who have given me their time, money and trust and supported this series either from the beginning, as new readers, as speculators, as Summer Glau fans, as anyone who’s been involved in any capacity of spreading the word about Peter Panzerfaust.[…]

[Blog Entry from Kurtis Wiebe]

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New Infos on the panels at the Ottawa comic con came up. There will be a Firefly Cast Q&A featuring Jewel Staite & Summer on Saturday May 11th at 11:30 AM. The Doors will be open for VIP and Deluxe Passes at 9:00 AM; 3-Day and Saturday Passes at 10:00 AM.

You also have the chance to take photos with both of them for about $80 and with Summer alone for $50. Check out the official page for more info. Of course you can also get autographs for about $40.

For more infos about the con, check out this news or visit the official website.

If you plan to visit the con and take some pictures, it would be great if could share them with us. :)

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The new Peter Panzerfaust motion comic finally has a release date:

– A three-minute teaser will be shown today at C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo).
– An official trailer will be released on May 14.
– The motion comic will be released on May 15.

If you hadn’t the chance to visit the panel, you might see it online later, because it looks like it has been recorded. So far there are no official words on this.

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The team of inside the box has released another behind the scenes video. After Summer and Wilson, this is the third video and its about Regina King. She plays a district attorney that visits Sofia and Matt. The video gives you more infos about her role and has also a few new shots of Summer. So you might want to check out the gallery.

It looks like that most of the short is done and according to the producers, the movie should come out in about a month. But they still need some money to reach the finish line, so you can still donate if you want. Details can be found on the support page, or you send a mail directly to They will also release the full behind the scenes video some time next week.

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A first behind the scenes image from the recording of Peter Panzerfaust has been released by Kurtis Wiebe, writer of the comic, showing Summer with the first issue of Peter Panzerfaust. Summer will voice the character of Wendy in the upcoming motion comic. It’s signed and you have the chance to win it at the Chicago Entertainment Convention on April 27, probably during the panel where a trailer of the motion comic will be shown.

Peter Panzerfaust BTS

[Access Gallery]

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Summer will be voice acting again. This time its not in a comic movie but in the motion comic series “Peter Panzerfaust“. She will be the voice of Wendy.

Amongst Summer are also Elijah Wood as Peter, Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy) as his arch-nemesis the Nazi officer Kapitan Haken and Dante Basco as the voice of Alain.

The comic is set in the second wold war and combines the Peter Pan mythology and Band of Brothers.

Peter Panzerfaust tells the story of a group of French orphans during the second world war who are saved by the American boy Peter. The group travels together and ends up in the French Resistance which fights against a growing German presence and their leader Kaptain Haken. There are currently 11 issues of this comic available.

A trailer of the motion comic will also be shown at the Chicago Entertainment Convention on April 27. There will also be a panel with the creators,but Summer will not be part of it.

From the writer of the critically acclaimed Green Wake and Intrepids comes a new ongoing series; Peter Panzerfaust, a high energy action story that blends Red Dawn with Peter Pan. The city of Calais is the first city in France to fall to the Germans in the spring of 1940. A mysterious American boy named Peter rallies a handful of plucky French orphans and they must work together to survive Europe’s darkest hour.

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It Looks like Summer has a new guest appearance on the show NTSF:SD:SUV, which is short for National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle. As you may have noticed, its a comedy show that parodies the action film genre and police procedural. Each episode is about 15 min long.

The show runs on the adultswim channel in its third season that should air this year. You can also visit the the official show page to check out some videos.

Currently we don’t know if Summer is actually on the show and there is no official announcement that confirms it, but it looks like she has a guest appearance this season. Check out the on set picture with Summer and Abigail Spencer that show creator Paul Scheer posted.

We will keep you informed and post new infos when we have them.

Update: It has been confirmed that Summer is on the show.

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The team of Inside the box has released new production still from the movie, including some with Summer as Sofia.

On a side note. The producers are in the final stage of finishing the movie but need about $5000 to finish the color correction making the copy and sending it to film festivals. So if you want you can still donate. Check out the support page or contact them directly by mail through .

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I know this isn’t really a Summer Glau-related news, please forgive me, but I just wanted to share this awesome news with you guys:


Yes, you read that right. I wrote a damn book, and it just came out in print. It’s a new-adult crima drama, and the first instalment in a private detective series set in modern-day London.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

You can read the first two chapters for free on my website, or buy the paperback book via CreateSpace, Amazon, or the eBook version via Smashwords or Kindle. (You can find the complete list of retailers on my website.)

Please share the news as much as you can. Tell your friends, tell them to tell their friends…
And if you read it, remember to let me know what you thought of it: leave a review.

Thanks, have a nice day dear friends!


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