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The third day at the Philadelphia Comic Con has started and so Summer’s first day as well. People visit photo and autograph booths, lining up for the panels…and the first images of Summer are up. :) So check them out and come back later as we add more to the gallery over the day. There is also a panel with Gina, Adam, Jewel and Summer today, so we hope we can get a few glimpses or maybe the whole video from the panel.

Hopefully everyone who is at the con right now, has an awesome time. Don’t forget, if you haven’t visited her booth yet, you should get to her asap. Looks like her queue is kinda long. :)

Pictures courtesy of: @Joker5974 | @Infinite5ths | @OceanChevy | @BichonFricassee | kirby5000

Summer had also a nice message for her fans:

Update: First day is over and from what we have read, Summer’s queues were extreme long and she even stayed after the con was closed, but unfortunately not everyone was able to get his autograph or photo. So for tomorrow, make sure to get to her booth as early as possible.

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Yes you heard right. Summer supports renewable energy. For the 175th Anniversary of the Texas Revolution (back in 2011), director Michael Cerny has shot a film series of 21 small Texas history clips. Check out the video below where Summer – who is a San Antonio native – celebrates the development of Wind energy in Texas. :)

Here are some caps from the clip. The rest is – as always – in the gallery.

The 175th Anniversary was back in 2011 and you can find more info about it here.

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The people from conjunkie have recorded the Firefly panel with Nathan and Jewel. The panel video also includes the short skype call from Summer where she apologizes for not being able to attend the convention. You can find the call at 13:22.

Even though she couldn’t make it to the con, she tries to get to the one in Montreal in September. Next stop will be the Philadelphia Comic Con. So don’t miss it if you are able to go. :)

Update: replaced the video

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With one day late, the motion comic trailer for Peter Panzerfaust finally arrived. Unfortunately it doesn’t have much talking, but we get a short glimpse of Summer’s performance and the character (Wendy) she voices. Check out the trailer below.

Actually, the trailer was supposed to air yesterday with the release of the motion comic today. So far there are no words on a release for today, but we will hope that it comes out soon.

Source: USAToday

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wizardworld_p_logoThe team behind the Philadelphia Comic Con has released the official schedule with all panel dates, including the Firefly panel with Summer, Adam and Jewel (probably also Gina Torres since she has been recently added to the guest list as a replacement for Nathan).

The panel will be held in the TERRACE BALLROOM 4, from 5:00 – 5:45pm on Saturday. Check out the complete schedule for a list of all panel dates and the floor map, so that you know where to go.

From the official schedule:

Even series cancelation can’t keep a great sci-fi-western story down. Join three members from the fan beloved series, Firefly in this special Q&A.
After celebrating the show’s 10th Anniversary, find out what the stars have in store for the next ten. (TERRACE BALLROOM 4)

If you haven’t bought a ticket yet and maybe want to visit the convention. You can still get VIP tickets for Summer and the Firefly gang on the official website, as well as photos with all of them here. I’m sure the group photos will be sold out very fast, so you better get them while they’re available. As always, try to get as soon as possible to Summer’s booth. And of course, send us some impressions from the convention if you want. :)

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Even though Summer couldn’t make it to the Ottawa Comic Con, she joined the Firefly panel via Skype. From what we’ve heard from the panel, it looks like “cat burglar are responsible” for her missing passport. :) Hopefully we can get a few more impressions from the panel later on.

Update: Summer didn’t join the panel for the whole time, but apologized several times for not being able to make it to the convention.

From William

Just got back from the con! What happened was that Summer had been planning to attend the Firefly panel with Jewel and Nathan early in the day. Obviously she couldn’t — but she skyped partway through the panel and talked via audio for a few minutes. She attributed her passport’s disappearance to a cat burglar. “I have to get a new one,” she added, and then Nathan and Jewel said, with “duh” voices, “Yeah, you do.” The tone was delightful and light and pleasant, and it ended with Nathan saying “Suuummmmeeer!” in the style of the blooper real “Summer!” exclamation, and Summer seeming to be just the right annoyed/embarrassed/pleased mixture. It was a good panel. (Also saw Felicia Day and Nicholas Brendon’s panels today, both of which were enjoyable. I think James Marsters is tomorrow — but I only went for today; I’d seen JM in the past at any rate….)

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Summer made a small video for all the fans to apologize for not being able to make it to the Ottawa Comic Con. In the video she explains why she couldn’t make it in time. Check out the video below. As always, screen caps are up in the gallery.

I’m sure people are sad, but at least we know that she is fine. It wasn’t that bad after all. :) The good news, the convention organizers invited her to the Montreal Comic Con from September 13-15.

Note that currently she is not listed on the page. We will keep you updated and let you know as soon as she will be announced as guest for this convention.

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Sad news for all fans who attend the Ottawa Comic Con. The convention organizers just announced that Summer had to cancel her appearance this weekend due to a personal emergency. If you purchased a photo op with Nathan, Summer and Jewel you can get a refund at the photo op booth or change the ticket.

From the official website:

We just heard that unhappily a personal emergency keeps Summer Glau from appearing at Ottawa Comiccon this weekend. She apologizes profusely to her fans and supporters. For those who have bought a trio Firefly photo op with Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau and Jewel Staite, they can go to the photo op booth to exchange them for a duo photo op or a refund.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Summer and we wish her all the best in this difficult time. It wasn’t that bad after all. :)

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Comic ConIn less than a month the Philadelphia Comic Con will have it’s start. Its a huge convention, and so the organizer have published a map where you can find all areas. Make sure to check it before you go to the convention.

Summer’s booth is located in the Firefly area near Adam, Jewel and Nathan. Her queues tend to get very long, so make sure to get to her asap.

Unfortunately photo ops with the Firefly gang are sold out already, but you can still get your picture with Summer (at her booth), the VIP experience ticket and your autograph (at her booth). As always, you can find all necessary information on the official website and in the previous news. A complete schedule should be published closer to the convention begin.

We wish everyone a lot of fun at the convention, and of course, take some pictures. :)

Update: Nathan Fillion will not be able to attend the convention anymore due to scheduling conflicts.

PHILADELPHIA, May 8, 2013 – Wizard World has been advised that Nathan Fillion will be unable to attend Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con because of an unexpected scheduling conflict. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

All VIP Tickets, Serenity VIP Tickets, Photo Ops, Dual Photo Ops, Group Photo Ops and Autographs will be refunded, please allow a few days for processing. If you still wish to attend Philadelphia Comic Con, you can repurchase tickets at, email, or call them directly at 877-849-5327 to exchange your tickets and receive a partial refund or pay the difference for a new ticket. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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Since Nathan Fillion has joined the Ottawa Comic Con, there has been an update on the panels. As you may expect, Nathan will be joining Summer and Jewel on the panel on Saturday at 11.30 AM. You have also the chance to get a photo will all 3 of them for $150. So far a time hasn’t been set up for this. Note that Summer’s on site photo op price is $60 instead of $50. So you better get them now.

The convention has also published the schedule for their guests including Summer’s. You can find there all of her photo op and autograph session times, so that you don’t miss her. :) Click on this link to see the schedule for all guests.

Summer's schedule

That’s a great mini Firefly reunion, isn’t it ? Now we definitely want some pictures. :)

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