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Nov 11 Firefly Reunion – Last Clip “Spaceship Secret” 0
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The fourth and final clip from the Firefly 10th anniversary special has been released where they talk about how Joss came up with Firefly…and a spaceship. :)

Here are also 2 other clips from the special.

Remember to watch the Firefly 10th anniversary special tonight at the Science Channel.

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Nov 11 Help ‘Inside the Box’ 1
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As you guys know, Summer is doing a new short film titled Inside the Box. Shooting has started, and was financed by fund raising. You can still donate money to help with the costs of post-production and such.

Don’t forget, it’s for a good cause: the movie aims to fight social injustice and bring awareness to some crazy laws still in affect and that discriminate against HIV positive individuals.

We set up a special page for this where you can download a PDF which explains in details how you can help, and what the rewards are.

You can also help spread the words about this film, by liking it on Facebook and twitting links and such.

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Nov 11 TVGuide – Firefly Cast Interview 10
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Earlier this year at the San Diego Comic Con, the TV Guide magazine interviewed the Firefly cast at their Yacht.

They put together a nice video with questions like, whats their comic con costume of choice, (Summer is she ra princess of power), how the panel was, why nobody seems to get older and what type of apocalypse they would choose. Check out the video and the funny answers. :)

Here are a few caps. More lovely images of Summer are up in the gallery

Don’t forget to watch the 10th anniversary special today at the Science Channel.

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Nov 9 Firefly Reunion – Third Clip “Nathan’s True Love” 1
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As promised, the Science Channel has released another clip from the Firefly 10th anniversary special. This time it’s called Nathan Fillion’s true love. You want to know what it means ? Check out the video below.

Only one video left, so keep up the good work and tweet to @ScienceChannel with the tag #FireflyNov11.

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Nov 9 Inside the box – Fund Raising 0
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Even though the crowd funding for inside the box is over, you can still support it by spreading the word about the movie. Or you can donate money if you want. How you do that ? Just write a mail to and they will give you the details.

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Nov 7 Firefly Reunion – Second Clip ‘Dirty Talk’ 8
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The science channel has released another clip from the Firefly 10th anniversary special. This time the topic is Dirty Talk and the crew talks about the Chinese curses that you could here through the entire series and what they mean in English.

If I understood it right, these clips or at least some of them will not be part of the special that will be shown on November 11. You have to unlock them by tweeting something to @ScienceChannel with the tag #FireflyNov11. Every 5000 tweets they will unlock a new video and they have 2 more. So its time to tweet, right ? :) You can check the current status here.

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Nov 2 Magazine Scans – Sci-Fi Now Magazine 1
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The Sci-fi Now magazine has an article about the top 15 women that changed sci-fi in issue number 72. And yes, you guessed right, Summer is also in the list. She is on 11 in her iconic role as River Tam.

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Nov 2 Inside the box – Info on Summer’s Role 8
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The producers of inside the box have a few more infos about Summer’s character Sofia.

SOFIA is a beautiful and delicate Southern girl in her late 20′s. She is strong and works hard everyday to take care of her family. Even though she has struggled a lot, she is still honest and innocent like a little girl. She is madly in love with her husband, but her confidence starts breaking apart when she suspects that he is hiding a secret from her.

Shooting should start in the next 2 weeks, so stay tuned. :)

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Nov 2 Firefly Reunion – New Clip 4
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MTV put up a new clip to get you ready for the upcoming Browncoats Unite special on the Science Channel. In this clip, both, Nathan and Summer reminisce about auditioning for their roles and Summer has a nice detail about that day. :)

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Nov 1 New Short Film ‘Inside the Box’ 11
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Awesome news. It looks like Summer is going to shoot another short film titled inside the box. According to the official facebook profile, the shooting will start this fall and is directed and written by David-Martin-Porras and produced by LA PANDA productions.

Summer will play the role of Sofia, the wife of Matt, played by Wilson Bethel, who is best known for his role in Hart of Dixie.

The short film will be sort of a teaser for another movie titled A Texas Story. Both, short film and movie will deal with the topic of HIV criminalization. The film itself was completely financed by fund raising. Check out indiegogo for more information regarding the creation of the short.

Here is a short synopsis…

When the local District Attorney comes knocking, a Texan cop is forced to face a secret that he’s been hiding from his wife in an effort to keep his family together.

Wilson Bethel and Summer Glau will have a similar moment [as in TSCC, when John checks Cameron] in INSIDE THE BOX in which an intimate moment between them gets interrupted.

and here a description.

“Inside the Box” is more than a short film. It will serve as a teaser for David’s next project, the feature film “A Texas Story,” which we are very excited to report has made it to the final round of the Sundance Screenwriters Lab.
Both the short and the feature deal with HIV criminalization. Many laws that are currently being enforced in dozens of U.S. states and in several countries around the world are rooted in nothing but ignorance and have put many innocent people in jail.

There is also a short clip that gives you more information about the film.

Note that there is no official announcement, so we don’t know for sure if Summer will be part of this project.

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