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The team of Inside the box has released new production still from the movie, including some with Summer as Sofia.

On a side note. The producers are in the final stage of finishing the movie but need about $5000 to finish the color correction making the copy and sending it to film festivals. So if you want you can still donate. Check out the support page or contact them directly by mail through .

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I know this isn’t really a Summer Glau-related news, please forgive me, but I just wanted to share this awesome news with you guys:


Yes, you read that right. I wrote a damn book, and it just came out in print. It’s a new-adult crima drama, and the first instalment in a private detective series set in modern-day London.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

You can read the first two chapters for free on my website, or buy the paperback book via CreateSpace, Amazon, or the eBook version via Smashwords or Kindle. (You can find the complete list of retailers on my website.)

Please share the news as much as you can. Tell your friends, tell them to tell their friends…
And if you read it, remember to let me know what you thought of it: leave a review.

Thanks, have a nice day dear friends!


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The weekend is knocking on the door and for some it has already started. Alphas writer Zak Penn has posted another lovely image from the dinner party with Summer and part of the Alphas cast. So happy weekend. :)

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Last year it was reported that Knights of Badassdom might hit theaters the first half of this year and it might happen. According to there should be a screening for potential distributors tomorrow. But the version will not be the one director Joey Lynch produced. It looks like it will be a different cut that is much shorter (70 min) with significant changes in story and concept.

The movie was shot 3 years ago and there is some history on why its still not in theaters. There is a website that tries to shed light on the reasons for the delay. We don’t know if any of this is true and when and what version we might see in the future. Hopefully it will be the original version. Check out the article on bleedingcool for more info. We will keep you posted on anything new.


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Actress Azita Ghanizada and series writer Zak Penn from Alphas had a small dining party and posted lovely images of the cast including Summer.

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Grace Park had an interview with entertainment weekly where she talked about Hawaii Five 0. Amongst all the answers, she also shared a nice fun fact from the shooting with Summer for Kekoa.

Summer Glau guest-starred in last week’s episode of Hawaii Five-0. What was it like to work with her?

She was really cool. We were joking that her name was Summer G. Lau and she was actually of Asian heritage – that’s what Daniel [Dae Kim] kept saying. I didn’t know that her ancestry actually is Irish and German. But yeah, she just brought it. There were so many takes where the camera wasn’t even on her, and she just gave it every single time.

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The team of inside the box has released another behind the scenes video. This time it features Wilson Bethel as Matt the husband of Sophia. It gives you more details about his character and has also a few new shots of Summer.

The short film should be released some time this month. You can still support it by donating. Check out the support page for more info.

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Phew!, that was a really exciting episode of Hawaii Five 0 tonight and great to see Summer back on the screen. She had really great scenes, both emotional and fighting and had to take a few hard punches, but also threw good ones. :) In general the fight choreography was great and Summer’s physical and emotional performance wonderful as always. ’nuff said, here are the caps of tonights episode ‘Kekoa’. Enjoy. :)

Here is a clip from the episode. Check out the video section for more.

What do you think about this episode of Hawaii Five 0 or Summer’s role in general ? Write your thoughts in the comments below.

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CBS has released 2 sneak peeks for Kekoa that will air on Monday. Unfortunately none of the clips has any scenes with Summer.

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CBS has published a new promo for next Mondays episode of Hawaii Five O. This version is a little bit longer and to everyone who complained that there is not enough Summer in the video. The promo has more scenes with her. :) If they follow the course, CBS should also release a small sneak peek in the following days.

As always, caps from the promo are up in the gallery.

So just a couple days left till Summer is back on our screen. :)

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