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Inside The Box

Summer is doing another short film titled Inside the Box. Shooting has started, and the film is directed and written by David-Martin-Porras and produced by LA PANDA productions.

The short film will be sort of teaser for another upcoming movie titled A Texas Story. Both, short film and movie will deal with the topic of HIV criminalization. The short film itself was completely financed by fund raising.

Even though the crowd funding for Inside the Box is over, you can still support it by spreading the word about the movie. Or you can donate money if you want, which will be used to help with post-production and such.

It’s Not Just About the Film.
“As you know if you’ve watched the video, there are some crazy laws out there that discriminate against HIV positive individuals.
We strongly believe in the power of story to fight social injustice, and we will use Inside the Box and its extended version, the feature A Texas Story, to
compel change in regulations that criminalize HIV.
We have reached out to organizations that share our agenda, and will continue to do so as we move into production, post-production and the release of the film.”

Instructions to donate money: Download the PDF


If you do a donation you can take one of these rewards:


$10 ‒ Supporter


Be featured on the short film’s facebook fan page as a thank you for your contribution.
$25 ‒ Pioneer


Be the first one to watch it! We will email you a password-protected link to the short film as soon as it’s completed.


$50 ‒ Owner


Own it! In addition to emailing you a password-protected link to the short film, we will mail you a DVD.


$100 ‒ Historian


We will send you a password-protected link to the short, and DVDs of both INSIDE THE BOX and IDA Y VUELTA.


$250 ‒ Fan


A signed copy of the screenplay by the cast and director of the film, and you’ll also receive the password-protected link.


$500 ‒ Crew Member


You will get the link to the short, two DVDs and… you will be featured in the credits of the film!


$1,000 ‒ VIP


Get your online and DVD copy and two passes for the short film festival screening of your choice (travel expenses not included).


$2,000 ‒ Connoisseur


You’ll get ALL of the perks above and, if you live in LA or travel here, we’ll treat you to dinner!


$5,000 ‒ Amazing


You are amazing and, in addition to your online, DVD copy and tickets for a screening, you deserve an Executive Producer credit!!!


Note: the DVD will be region-free and thus viewable anywhere in the world.

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