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Dear Friends,

Here is my long overdue thank you note to anyone and every person who has watched our pride and joy Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles… Now that our season is done and I somehow feel far away, I want to say that it wouldn’t have been possible without faithful viewers; and it wouldn’t have been fun to make without such sincere interest from you…

I choose to post my note on Cristelle’s website so that I could also thank her for the beautiful work she has done, on my behalf, for this site. I come here to reminisce from time to time because she has posted so many of my best memories. Thank you Cristelle…

Anyway, I just want to say that acting for anyone who enjoys it is a privilege. Thank you all for helping make that possible. I am devastated that our show will not be back (Jameron forever!!!), but I can’t say that I’m ungrateful for the opportunity to be part of something so special. I’m really proud of what our team put together and eternally thankful to all of you for embracing what we were trying to do…

I love Josh very much and thank him. He pushed to make me part of this cast and created a series that was unique and beautiful. James Middleton held us together, staying with us everyday on set and talking us through every step… John Wirth and Jill Danton are all- stars that I pray I work with again….ALL of our writers. Toni, thank you for giving me Allison from Palmdale…

I was just going through my scripts this morning… (I thought it was time). I picked up-

“Born To Run”

written by Josh Friedman

I’m going to miss that so much. I’m really sad…

You know I’m not good at posting things but this is my effort. I’m not very brilliant, witty or poetic like my mentors (you know who they are) but I love you, S

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By Roman
Mar 1, 2013

Thank you for your Cameron! You are brilliant, talented and poetic enough to keep my soul on your hand throughout the series. It was you whom the entire series revolved around: the writers just have caught this idea in time and just have translated it into your role. Because it were Cameron’s chronicles — not Sarah’s, and you know it very well. I have never thought the robot can love — now I’m sure it can… she can, pardon me.

Wish you more good roles and (what is more important) better scriptwriters.

By Tim
Mar 18, 2013

I just wanted to say that your portrayal of Cameron was amazing, and that there couldn’t have been a better choice in casting. I have seen a few of the other shows you played main roles in, specifically Firefly and The Cape, and I appreciate the life you breathe into the complex characters you play.

Although it is truly regrettable the fate of TSCC, I have hope that one day we will see more. Until that day comes, all I have to say is Cameron and Orwell forever!


By Greg
Aug 10, 2013


Scc was the first exposure I’ve had to your work. It’s sad the show wasn’t chosen for renewal as
I’m really starting to enjoy it ( season 2). I believe the show and cast gelled rather quickly and hit
It’s stride, rather naturally. It deserved another chance considering all the derivative puerile junk
Which gets greenlit. Just my two cents ( from a guy who consumes good tv, californication, cheers, scrubs,
Bsg reboot 2005-09, scrubs, friends, west wing, community, et al) as you can see, it runs the gamut
From well scripted humor, poignant emotionally charged pathos, to drama.

If family guy could find a second chance and 8 more seasons, no reason why this show can’t find
Another slot. Seeing reviews and fan ratings via imdb, and amazon, would seem indicative that it is
Possible. Perhaps the producers can approach Netflix or one of the other next gen delivery channels
Afterall, streaming is the new medium. Nielsens are an outdated metric.

Thanks for letting me vent and for sharing your work and characters


By Aminpro
Sep 21, 2013

I wonder where did all the comments go? I swear there was like tons of them on this post back then.
I remembered about this particular post and started to dig my old bookmarks and I’m certain that this is the post.

By formytots0128
Mar 2, 2014

For those who didn’t get to read the wonderful replies and messages from Summer’s fans, below is a copy of what I posted. My feelings of respect and admiration for Summer remains the same to this day. She is truly a unique and very talented actress in Hollywood today. :)

formytots0128 Says:
Date: May 20th, 2009
Time: 05:42:29

Many, many, many thanks for your letter, Summer. It truly comes from your heart and shows us how much you love us, your fans …

Your letter made my eyes tear up after reading it because you understand how we feel about TSCC. Watching the online tribute to Cameron and TSCC is unbearable. It will take some time to heal but for now we are still grieving for the show. Your kind words bring comfort to those who are emotionally attached to the show and are having a difficult time adjusting. I couldn’t imagine how you much more sadness you feel because you have invested 2 years into the show and breathed life into Cameron and Alison. For this I pray to God to give you the strength to overcome the overwhelming feeling of sadness. By helping your fans deal w/ the loss, it shows that you are not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. You are truly a kind, thoughtful, and loving person who is in a class all by herself. This is the reason why I became a lifelong fan because I feel that you genuinely care and love us. We feel a strong connection and friendship that most have not felt for any other movie star in Hollywood. For this I am grateful to have known you.

Your talents are truly a gift from God. You give us so much joy when we watch you act, dance, and move gracefully on screen. We feel so emotionally connected to your characters especially from Firefly, Serenity, The Unit, TSCC and many others. You invest so much of your time on perfecting them and it shows beautifully on screen. You are an inspiration and role model for everyone because you are dedicated to your profession as an actress and you just keep getting better and better.

Please give our regards to your family for their unwavering love and support. We thank them for giving you the opportunity to pursue your dreams. They too deserve the accolades and must be so proud of your accomplishments.

Your letter encourages and inspires us to get TSCC back even if it is a DVD release. We just want to at least get some closure on the three main characters that started the show namely, Cameron, John, and Sarah. We will never give up for as long as you still want to do the show and portray Cameron. All TSCC fans, let’s unite !!!!

Many thanks to Cristelle for her hard work and dedication. will always be the un-official official website for all Summer Glau fans …

We love and support you Summer. Take care and God bless.

By Greg_G
Mar 21, 2014

TSCC was one of my favorite shows, hands down. The plot was brilliant, the acting by yourself and the other cast was perfect, the music tied it all together. TSCC, along with FarScape and Firefly will forever grace my DVD shelves.

The tragedy of this show isn’t that it ended. Everything must come to an end eventually (or *should*). This show ended before it’s time. The ratings would have skyrocketed with Season 3, I’m positive about it. Third seasons are usually when shows really hit their stride and start to come together, and you could see where things were headed with Allison, John and Sarah (plus Derek’s character) were going to be game changing. Sadly, the show ended before it should have (awesome call, Fox… Dollhouse… really?), and ultimately the advertisers payed an opportunity cost.

Anyway, the show was awesome, and it heartens me to see people commenting so in 2013 and 2014 who still feel the way I do.

Greg G

By Dany
Aug 30, 2014

Is so sad that the series has ended early …. I’ll never lose hope that the series returns! Summer, you’re always going to be the best Terminator! Incredible actors with an incredible story … Greetings from Argentina.

By Henry
Feb 6, 2015

I feel kinda bad ‘cuz i just watched the series on blu-ray and couldnt phantom why it ended…sincerely, i enjoyed watching ‘summer glau’

By Henry
Feb 6, 2015

From Nigeria…you’re loved

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